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15 Characteristics of Meryl Streep Type Girlfriend
She is not only a great actress but also an amazing role-model for every women. The perfect balance in between her job, family and personal life is admirable. These are some reasons that Meryl Streep type woman is our favorite girlfriend type.
Are You Safe? Here Are The Zodiacs Of 12 Famous Serial Killers!
We all check our horoscopes to hear some good news and enlighten our mood, and usually some good premises are written in these columns. We should warn you in advance, this is not your regular horoscope that will tell you good news like you will find the love of life or you will buy a new car. Here is the list of serial killers and their character traits related with their zodiac.
12 Types Of Guys Defined By Their Horoscopes
Our astrology expert, Iremsu, has defined different types of guys by their horoscopes for you.  Every guy has certain characteristic differences according to the month they were born. Some are generous, some are kind, and some are shy. Do you know your partner or crush’s features? Here are the 12 types of guys and their horoscopes!