The Many Benefits of Amethyst: From Love to Spiritual Healing
Amethyst, a type of quartz with a purple color, is known as a storehouse of positive energy. Amethyst stone, which attracts attention with its happiness and peaceful effect, is often used for the purpose of protection from radiation and negative energy. Amethyst is one of the precious stones of many zodiac signs, especially Aries, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces, and it is also preferred in alternative medicine, but it does not have any healing claims. The name amethyst, which means “Not intoxicating” in mythological sources, is also frequently mentioned in these sources. So what is an amethyst stone? What are the properties and benefits of amethyst stone? Here are all the details you have been wondering about amethyst!
Zodiac Signs Challenged: Serial Killers And Their Star Signs
It is often said that you can tell a lot about a person's personality by their zodiac or star-sign; whether they're mild-mannered, moody or mischievous, happy, half-witted or horny, astrologers believe that everything about us is 'in the stars'. But is this also true about serial killers? Can the stars predict a madness according due to the month they're born? Are Pisces predatory, Virgos vicious, Geminis less likely to garrote or an Aquarius almost certain to go ape-shit? And more importantly, do you share a star-sign (and personality traits) with a mass murderer? Let's find out.
FBI Shares Statistics: Which Zodiac Signs Are The Most Dangerous?
There is much said and written about the characteristics of star signs, such as 'Virgos never forgive, Aries people are determined' etc.But this time, we are going to tell you about real statistics! The FBI shared the birth dates of serial killers and people who show psychopathic tendencies. And as you can imagine, statistics can show which star sign is more inclined to which types of crimes.Let's see which zodiac signs are more psycho-like!
13 Key Characteristics Of Sagittarius Men!
Which zodiac sign's men are better? Unfortunately, there’s no straight answer for that question, yet. Each sign has its own different personal traits, good or bad. These traits sometimes make people attractive and sometimes it makes them difficult to get along. But there are some certain signs that their males have much more attractive characteristics than the other ones. Sagittarius is definitely one of them!Here are 13 key traits of the constantly-active Sagittarius man!Ps: Men in the GIFs are all Sagittarius!
15 Reasons Why Pisces Are The Most Difficult People To Figure Out!
You don’t have to believe in what astrology has to tell about certain characteristics of people, but I’m pretty sure you’re aware that Pisces probably have the most distinctive characteristics of all the 12 signs of Zodiac. If you’re not convinced, take a look at the Pisces nearest to you, and tell me these 15 things are not absolutely correct and you’re not having a hard time figuring Pisces out most of the time!
Where Do The Names Of The Planets And Their Moons Come From?
We all know that the names of the planets were taken from the mythological characters, but we have little or no idea of who they are or why these planets were named after them. In this list, we put together the planets and some of their moons and tried to find where they got their names from.Some facts first: until the telescope was found, Romans named the five main planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) after their gods. It was later found that planet Neptune was also named after a Roman god. Uranus and Earth are the only planets that weren't.
Where Did The Zodiac Names Come From?
Throughout history, people have tried to understand the stars that they see in the sky and put them into groups so that they could analyze them. There are 88 known constellations in the sky. Twelve of them are seen in the same place at the same time in the sky as the earth orbits around the sun. It's not known whether these 12 constellations get their names from zodiac signs or the other way around, but all of them have stories based in mythology. Here are some of the stories telling us where the names of the signs came from.
17 Things Proving A Cancer Horoscope Woman Is The Perfect Partner
Everyone needs a cancer woman in their life. I wish they had signs on their foreheads saying that “I’m a cancer woman” so we would know who to approach!! Problems would get solved and issues would easily be forgotten if everyone had a cancer woman in their lives. Best friendships are developed with them and perfect relationships are also lived with them.
18 Reasons Why Capricorns Are The Most Reliable People In The World
Everybody knows them with their distant and cautious attitude, however people born under the Capricorn sign are actually the most sincere and reliable people in the world because they think through every step they take and they aren't scared of what comes next. Their honesty, self-esteem and faith in real love make them the ideal romantic partners and they win our trust. Here are couple of reasons why:
18 Things Geminis Want To Scream Out Loud To Humanity!
All other zodiac signs aside, Geminis have been long suffering and they want all of these 18 problems solved asap! They can't tolerate these things, yet still they often keep it in! We hear you guys, and we want to show our support!