Are You Safe? Here Are The Zodiacs Of 12 Famous Serial Killers!


We all check our horoscopes to hear some good news and enlighten our mood, and usually some good premises are written in these columns. We should warn you in advance, this is not your regular horoscope that will tell you good news like you will find the love of life or you will buy a new car. Here is the list of serial killers and their character traits related with their zodiac.

12. Jeffrey Dahmer – Gemini

Dahmer killed more than 17 Asians and Afro-Americans. His other crimes include necrophilia, rape, torture and cannibalism. According to FBI statistics his zodiac is the 12th one on the list. Geminis are usually known by fraud crimes. Robbery and thievery are most common examples.

11. John Lee Malvo – Aquarius

When he was young he is abused by a serial killer, and later on he turned into one. His nickname was “Beltway Sniper” and he killed 17 people. Aquarians have high tendency to commit revenge related crimes. Also they are famous for being hackers, hustlers and manipulating people.

10. Anatoly Onoprienko – Leo

The Ukrainian mass murderer killed more than 56 people with his hunting rifle. There are more than 120 charges on his name. Leos are usually dangerous and known by their complex criminal activities.

9. David Parker Ray – Scorpio

His other name is ‘Toy Box Killer’ because he spent $100,000 to build his own torture chamber in a car. His devices included things like surgical blades, saws, chains or clamps. He is accused by killing more than 60 people. Scorpio is known by its hot temper and its sadistic nature.

8. Dennis Rader – Pisces

He sentenced 175 years because of killing 10 young women. Pisces also have hot temper and they are usually charged by drug-related crimes.

7. Lawrance Bittaker – Libra

In 1979 he and his friend Roy Lewis Norris kidnapped, raped and killed 5 young girls. Libras are the most dangerous ones among zodiac signs.

6. Albert De Salvo – Virgo

The Boston Strangler is another name given to him. He murdered 13 women in Boston in early 60s. Virgos are hacker and also burglars.

5. Charles Ng – Capricorn

He started his crime career with thievery and continued with murders. It is guessed he murdered more than 25 men, women and kids. Capricons are famous for being involved in organized crimes and they are even more sadistic than Scorpios.

4. Keith Hunter Jesperson – Aries

Inspiration for Happy Face Killer movie. He is accused by 160 crimes but only 8 of them are proved. He was obsessed with killing prostitutes. Aries is more likely to deny blame and carry arms all the time.

3. Ted Bundy – Sagittarius

He committed more than 30 murders and rapes. Sagittarius is the most dangerous zodiac within Fire Signs but it is more difficult to spot them because they leave less traces.

2. Steve Wright – Taurus

He is still in prison because of killing 5 prostitutes. Taurus is the second most dangerous sign in FBI’s list. The have high risk because of their temperamental nature. They are clever enough to plan and carry out all the crime in solitude.

1. Charles Ray Hatcher - Cancer

He sexually abused little kids, adults and animals, and he has been found guilty for 16 murders. This is the most dangerous sign according to FBI. They are known by being extremely violent and passion killers. Cancers usually leave a signature on their victims.

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