15 Enlightening Al Bundy Quotes On Marriage For The Young Couples

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Al Bundy was a happy man... 'Til the day hey got married 💀💀💀

1. "Retirement is when a woman marries, and a Man dies"

2. "Insurance is like marriage. You pay and pay, but you never get anything back."

3. "Alright now, everybody... shoot me!'

4. "I've lived and I've loved... later on I even married."

5. "I hate my life ... can't eat, can't sleep, can't bury my wife in the backyard."

6. "Oh. life is good! But not for me..."

7. "I can't sleep with that damn woman in my bed!"

8. "What was I thinking when I said 'I do'? I'd already had sex with her, so I didn't need that again."

9. "Marriage stinks, have a kid. Kid stinks, have another kid."

10. "Lets go! Last one to your house gets to sit next to my wife!"

11. "Sorry, Peg, I didn't hear you. I was thinking of killing myself."

12. "Peg, you know I warned you before about touching me."

13. "Peg, we've been married for 17 years. Can't we just be friends?"

14. "I deserve to be punished; I married your mother."

15. "I left high-school, lost the will to live, and here I am..."

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