International Aid For Turkey:  Which Countries Are Helping the Earthquake Region?
The 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş is on the agenda of Turkey. News are coming from the earthquake zone where more than 200 citizens lost their lives. The earthquake also caused destruction in neighboring provinces. A level 4 earthquake alert has been issued in Turkey and the international call for help has not gone unanswered.
Earthquake in Turkey: Biggest Disaster in 23 Years
Making a statement after the 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, AFAD President Yunus Sezer said, '1014 citizens lost their lives. There are 2824 reports of collapsed buildings.' Speaking about the earthquake, Okan Tüysüz said, 'The 7.4 magnitude earthquake centered in Kahramanmaraş occurred in a very large area. The last time we experienced an earthquake of this magnitude was on August 17, 1999, so it is the biggest earthquake we have experienced in 23 years.''
Leonardo DiCaprio And Gigi Hadid Spark Relationship Reconciliation Rumors After Being Spotted Together
Leonardo DiCaprio has been making headlines for his active love life lately, with a new woman seemingly on his arm every time we hear about him. Just when we think he's found 'the one,' he's spotted with someone completely different. This time around, the handsome actor has reportedly been linked to none other than Gigi Hadid, whom he's said to have met before. Let's take a closer look at this latest development in DiCaprio's romantic life!
SAG Awards Winners 2023: ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Wins Big
The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards are considered one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the entertainment industry, as they are voted on by the actors themselves. This year's ceremony was particularly notable for several reasons.Firstly, it marked a historic moment for Asian representation in Hollywood, as Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan became the first Asian actors to win awards at the SAG Awards. Yeoh won the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in 'The Lady of Heaven,' while Quan was awarded Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series for his role in 'Cobra Kai.'In addition to these groundbreaking wins, the film 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' also had a successful night, winning awards in every category it was nominated for. This included Best Cast in a Motion Picture, Best Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture, and Best Actor in a Motion Picture for its star, James Hong.Overall, the SAG Awards were a night of celebration and recognition for some of the most talented and deserving actors in the industry. As the last major award ceremony before the Oscars, these wins are sure to generate buzz and excitement for the upcoming Academy Awards.Here are the winners!
The Walking Dead Mini-Series: Everything You Need to Know Before Its Highly Anticipated Return
The Walking Dead, the post-apocalyptic horror series that first aired in 2010, announced its final season set to air in 2022. However, fans can rejoice as the beloved show will continue as a mini-series. The upcoming mini-series promises an epic love story featuring the return of fan-favorite actors, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira. As we eagerly anticipate its return, let's delve into the details of what we can expect from this highly anticipated mini-series.
Bella Hadid Delivers Aid for Turkish Earthquake Victims: 'We stick together always'
Bella Hadid showed her support and compassion for the victims of the devastating earthquake that recently hit Turkey and Syria. She visited, located in New York, and left aid packages for those affected by the disaster. Bella's generosity and solidarity messages have earned her the admiration and respect of many. Her actions have not only provided much-needed aid to those in need but have also served as an inspiration for others to help in any way they can.
Netflix Accidentally Reveals Guidelines to Prevent Password Sharing
Netflix has recently made headlines with its new efforts to combat the widespread practice of account sharing. In a bid to ensure that each account is only being used by a single user, the popular streaming platform has announced that it will be cracking down on password sharing. However, in a surprising turn of events, Netflix accidentally published information on how it would be confirming these shared accounts, which has since been removed from its site. The move by Netflix has sparked conversation and speculation about the future of account sharing on the platform.
Small Consolation Notes to Turkey Earthquake Victims from Akdeniz University Students
Two devastating earthquakes with magnitudes of 7.7 and 7.6 struck the city of Kahramanmaraş, causing widespread destruction and leaving a trail of destruction in nearby cities such as Kilis, Diyarbakır, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adiyaman, Malatya and Hatay. As per the latest update by Vice President Fuat Oktay, the death toll has risen to 14,351, with 63,794 individuals suffering injuries.The kind gestures of Akdeniz University students, who left notes for the earthquake victims, offered a heartwarming source of comfort amidst the tragedy.
Moments of Rescue From The Turkey Earthquake
On February 6, the devastation of the earthquake centered in Pazarcık, Kahramanmaraş is still continuing on the third day. While search and rescue teams continue to work, the number of dead and injured citizens, unfortunately, continues to increase. On the other hand, the images of earthquake victims rescued under difficult conditions give us hope.
Earthquake in Turkey: What Can We Send to the Earthquake Zones
The aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Turkey continues to be a major concern. The affected communities are in dire need of support, particularly those who have been displaced from their homes. The earthquake, which struck the Pazarcik district of Kahramanmaras on February 6th, had a magnitude of 7.7 and resulted in widespread destruction. Sadly, the search and rescue efforts were further complicated when another earthquake of 7.6 magnitude hit Kahramanmaraş. The death toll stands at 17,674, with 72,879 people injured. To help those affected by the disaster, aid organizations and individuals can send essential supplies such as food, water, and medical equipment to support the rescue and recovery efforts in the earthquake zones.
Turkey Earthquake: Expert Analysis and Predictions
Four days have passed since the devastating earthquake in Turkey and many foreign earthquake experts are offering their insights on the tragedy. The magnitude of the energy released, and the location of the earthquake have been pointed out as key factors contributing to its destructive impact. Seismologists are providing striking explanations and details on the disaster. Get the latest expert analysis and insights on the Turkey earthquake in this comprehensive overview.
Turkey Earthquake: The Most Devastating Earthquake of the Century
The earthquake that struck the city of Kahramanmaraş in Turkey on the 6th of February was one of the most devastating earthquakes of the century. The magnitude of the quake was 7.7 and was followed by another major earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 within the same day, which is a rare occurrence in the world's history. The impact of the earthquake has been far-reaching, affecting ten provinces in Turkey and causing widespread damage. According to unofficial reports, thousands of buildings have been destroyed, and the rescue efforts are still ongoing in some areas. The earthquake has claimed the lives of over 16,000 people and injured more than 60,000, making it a humanitarian crisis of immense proportions.
‘The Glory’ Part 2 Will be Released This March: Here’s What to Expect
Retaliation stories often make for the most horrific thrillers, and a new Netflix K-drama is bringing the suspense to television. The Glory, directed by Ahn Gil-ho and written by Guardian: The Great and Lonely God author Kim Eun-sook, chronicles a woman's decades-long quest to get retribution on the high school bullies who left her with severe physical and psychological scars. Years later, Dong-eun (Song) takes on the role of homeroom teacher for the daughter of bully ringleader Yeo-jin and launches her methodical strategy to piece together each of the bullies' lives (Im Ji-yeon).
Berlin, a Money Heist Spin-off Series Set to ‘Rob’ Your Attention This December
A mastermind dubbed Professor and his gang attempt to pull off a major robbery in the immensely popular series Money Heist, which has a large international fan base. Five seasons of the successful series saw it ingrained in culture.Few people could have anticipated the audience that the Spanish crime series Money Heist would amass over the course of its existence when Netflix started broadcasting it. The show, also known as La Casa de Papel, premiered on Netflix in December 2021 and had 190 million viewing hours in its first week.
The Watcher Season 2 is on the Works: What to Expect
The narrative of the Broaddeaus family being harassed by an unidentified person who called himself 'The Watcher' has become a must-watch for mystery seekers and true-crime enthusiasts. It was based on actual occurrences and made viral by a 2018 piece in The Cut. There are many potential plots for the second season of The Watcher because the first season finished with the fictional Brannock family at 657 Boulevard in Westfield, New Jersey no closer to learning who was sending them the eerie letters.Although it is fantastic that The Watcher season 2 has already been confirmed to be in production, the streaming platform has not yet provided a precise release date for the following season. We might be able to give you a rough estimate of when the new episodes of the gripping drama will air, though.
Shadow and Bone Season 2 Will be Released Soon: Here’s a Recap on Season 1
The incredibly intriguing and captivating fantasy-adventure drama series Shadow and Bone is scheduled to return with a second season on March 16, 2023, only on Netflix. The acclaimed book series Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo served as inspiration for this one.Since Netflix released the official sneak peek trailer for the upcoming season 2, fans of the show have been eager to see what fresh, dark adventures are in store for them. This is especially true considering how thrillingly season 1 ended.