12 Types Of Guys Defined By Their Horoscopes


Our astrology expert, Iremsu, has defined different types of guys by their horoscopes for you.  

Every guy has certain characteristic differences according to the month they were born. Some are generous, some are kind, and some are shy. Do you know your partner or crush’s features? 

Here are the 12 types of guys and their horoscopes!

1. Aries

Aries guys are confident, active and energetic. You can easily notice them in a crowd. They like authority and being in charge, and doing what they like without accepting their failure. They act selfish at times, and are too keen on their freedom, but will do anything for their close friends and loved ones. They like helping and sharing their problems. They are generous and they don’t like depending on people financially. They like to have their own business, as they don’t fancy taking orders. 

When an Aries guy gets hurt, they don’t hold their words back, tending to be sarcastic and rude instead. They like staying at home and living the domestic life, but they are also very active when they go out. They always want to feel like they're at home and comfy.

2. Taurus

These ones are stubborn and hard-working, but still calm. This calmness hides a wild inner-world underneath. When they get mad, they tend to get very stubborn and never back down. They insist and insist on what they stand for. They are faithful and like spending time with their families. They can get strict and disciplined when needed; a bit of a workaholic, but they finish what they start. They are usually fit and good looking. Their neck zone is usually their main weakness! They need to make sure they remain healthy because Taurus guys are actually quite vulnerable. 

They are always found to be extremely attractive, loyal, and know when and what to sacrifice. They enjoy luxury and comfort, but are also generous without being reckless. Most loyal friends are Tauruses.

3. Gemini

Geminis are smart, clever, talkative and convincing. They are attractive and practical, and can solve problems easily. Sometimes it’s hard to understand their actions because they get childish, wanting to do everything they have in their minds. They don’t like taking orders and they insist on having their own space. 

Geminis are lucky, because they can start a dialogue that attracts people easily, making them highly noticed by women. They also enjoy coming up with new ideas and projects for work. They can either be very generous or selfish at times, but they are bad at balancing and focusing on things. 

 They like being extravagant, and are not very successful at managing money. They are always the logical ones during emotional times. They don’t like being in a disciplined, strict home environment, but they will try to change when they are really in love.

4. Cancer

These guys are usually honest, strong and kind. They are quite emotional, with love and respect being the keystones of a relationship for them.

 They care about the people around them, and help them when needed. They support their loved ones instead of taking advantage of their weaknesses. 

 Cancers have sharp and practical minds, easily analyzing any situation to find solutions. They like almost anything related to water and also like alcohol, as a result. Since they are very emotional, they usually love deeply, and are very loyal. 

Money is very important for these guys, but don’t get us wrong... They want the money as a safety blanket, in case someone is in a bad situation, so they can provide help. They like honesty, and they never start a relationship with you if they don’t fully trust you. They are usually the best fathers.

5. Leo

Easy going, romantic, clever, loving…Leos are your perfect partner. Proud Leo guys LOVE being complimented and praised, and are short tempered, but never hold grudges, since their anger is often temporary. 

 People always look for their joyous company when they go out. They like luxury, as well as traveling, social activities and sports. They are responsible and they always go through every little detail of their work. They like being the one in charge, but can easily effect the people around them and become popular. They are caring and merciful, and are also good listeners and problem solvers. 

They have many friends because they are always friendly to everyone. They are romantic. When they like you, you will usually fall in love with them, too. They are loyal and strive for marriage, staying committed to their family, kids and wife. They are overly successful in their career. They are generous but also equally cautious with money.

6. Virgo

Virgos are stubborn, squeaky clean, detail oriented. They are loving, caring and people always love them. They look after themselves, and care about their appearance. They are ambitious, working hard towards their goals. They are economic and they are capable at saving a lot of money. They are always straightforward when criticizing, and they can be pretty harsh doing it. 

They are fun and cheerful. They deal with problems easily and are driven by success. They never fancy lack of responsibility or discipline. They like everything to go in order, the way that they planned. They look for kindness, as well as hygiene, in women. They are afraid of committing to a relationship but when they do, they are respectful and responsible.  Virgos are true lovers.

7. Libra

Libras are usually overly emotional, positive, and easy going. They are also more emotionally vulnerable, as oppose to the other guys. Libras are good friends and they can, and will, be there for you when needed. They value mutual respect and love. Libras are honest, and want everyone in their lives to be just as honest. They are curious and eager to experience new things. A calm nature and personality is important to them. From time to time, Libras can be really hurt during emotional breakdowns or sudden reactions against them. They like \ being clean, so you better have your teeth brushed and smell nice and fresh when meeting a Libra guy.

They like exchanging their ideas with close friends, and usually enjoy having long and deep conversations with them, too. During a fight, they are always the emotional one. They seek elegance, loyalty, logic and beauty in the opposite sex. When they fall in love, they become passionate and loyal lovers. They like kids, and kids love them too. They are always good and loving fathers.

8. Scorpio

Scorpios are passionate, determined, emotional and caring. Even though they look cheerful and happy, they are usually pessimistic. They are quite fond of different tastes in life, especially quality food, drinks and sexuality. Scorpios are VERY suspicious and they never trust easily. They are very careful when it comes to money, because they believe money brings strength and creates trustworthy relationships. They like criticizing, but they don’t like to be criticized. They are straightforward and devoted. 

Scorpios have a penetrating gaze. They can easily let the other side know about their feelings and thoughts with their glances. They can easily analyze personalities, and express their opinions on the relationship. They are overly jealous and attached when it comes to relationships. They like being proud of their wives. They just might be your ideal husband.

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarius guys are intellectual, caring, curious, close and fun. They always mean well and are talkative, valuing their friendships. They like to be active and outdoors, liking open-air activities to wear them out fast. Sagittarius guys have lots of opinions on almost any subject. This is mainly because of their curious state. They are quite straight-forward, but this can lead to broken hearts. They are generous and they might spend a wee bit too much. 

They are very keen on their freedom and they enjoy being alone. They are afraid of commitments and therefore, marriage. They mostly seek beauty and like-mindedness in the opposite sex. They like having proper, interesting conversations with women, and when they like someone, they can express their interest in many different ways. If he can’t find an answer to his feelings, he might give up easily. This is why you gals have to study those Sagittarius guys well. But don’t be afraid; when they fall in love, their fear of commitment and marriage fades away.

10. Capricorn

Passionate, ambitious, playful and determined…Capricorn guys care about money and they LOVE working. They are experts when it comes to making money and making the best of their chances. They are also great at saving and being strict. They like systematic, organized and planned-out things. Capricorns are usually suspicious, and they evaluate events according to their own ideas. They are cold-blooded, and you can’t easily understand how they feel about you. 

These guys value friendship greatly, and they pick their friends very carefully. They have certain rules and standards, and they don’t like to go out of these standards. They like being and feeling free, so they don’t like it when someone keeps telling them ‘things.’ Capricorns seek like-minded women, usually other Capricorns. They like delicate, peevish women and they tend to be very jealous when they are in a relationship. Capricorns usually have long term relationships, and they are not afraid of getting married. They will show a great effort when the time comes to raise their own kids.

11. Aquarius

Aquaris guys are kind, free-spirited, open-minded and generally good willing. They can show signs of different characteristics, and never show their feelings in the early stages of a relationship. They are liked and valued by their friends. Aquarius guys are practical and hard-working. Their vibrant life makes them happy and energetic. They are true perfectionists and never settle with less, always wanting more. They like meeting new people and getting their opinions on various topics. 

They are trustworthy and honest, this is why people always seek their presence. They don’t like spending a lot of time on a specific project or topic, so they might get distracted. Aquarius guys are passionate when it comes to love, and they want their partner to be able to listen and share their intense minds. They are not against marriage, and they are usually quite happy when they meet someone they can get-along with. 

Aquarius guys can understand their partner very well, and they are also very thoughtful. They will do everything to keep you happy and pleased. A loyal husband and a good father…

12. Pisces

Pisces guys are usually very imaginative, making them stand out. They are also very polite, and can adjust themselves to certain situations easily. They can be reckless at certain situations, therefore they are not easily affected by these events or things. Pisces guys like living on their own and being free. These guys are successful in their careers because of their practicality. They easily trust other people, and they always mean well, often falling in love with the women they are interested in. They can be very romantic and understanding. 

These guys are artsy fartsy and they really care about beauty. Love means a lot to them, and when they do find it, they become extremely loyal and build a healthy and happy marriage. If they don't, they will keep chasing new adventures.

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