What is Ice-T’s Net Worth? A Closer Look at SVU's Grumpiest Detective.
What is Ice-T’s net worth? From his early career in music to his long-standing acting career with Law & Order SVU, rapper and actor Ice-T has had a varied career. So how much money has this success brought the star? Income from all sources suggests the star is worth a staggering $65 million.
Beyoncé's Net Worth: A Self-Made Legacy
Beyoncé is one of only a handful of celebrities that have achieved global fame. A true R&B and pop legend, her music has attracted a huge following worldwide. Her community of fans (Beyhive or The Hive) is even one of the most active and popular across the internet. Naturally, that much fame is bound to bring some cash with it. Let’s closely examine how Queen B started, how she has made money throughout her career, and what she spends her money on.P.S.: If you wonder why Beyoncé is so famous, here are 23 reasons why!
Gary Vaynerchuk Net Worth: What is the serial entrepreneur’s net worth now?
If you are someone who dives into the business world or maybe someone who just likes watching reality television shows on businesses and pitches, then you will know who Gary Vaynerchuk is. The serial entrepreneur, as described on his website, is the Chairman of VaynerX, the CEO of VaynerMedia and the Creator & CEO of VeeFriends. Let us take a look at how the business mogul built his wealth and what his net worth is now.
A Business More Profitable Than Drugs Where Mountains Of Money Gets Laundered: Electronic Waste!
According to the Basel Convention signed in Switzerland in 1989, the international transport of household appliances and technology products, which have passed their expiration dates, has been banned. However, it was soon realized that the processing and recycling of technological equipment is a costly and long-term business. This led to the 'electronic garbage' market, and according to El Mundo, this market is at a level where it can compete with the drug market.How does this happen? Read more for details.
STOP Technique Can Lead You To A Better Work Performance!
Part of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and other mainstream Mindfulness-Based programs, is a simple practice called STOP, for ‘Stop, Take a Breath, Observe, Proceed‘. It can be a stand alone practice, or a complement to more formal sitting meditation. Here, in lay language, are the four steps of STOP, easy for you to pick up, even if you have never practiced mindfulness before.
The Question That Big Companies Like Apple And Facebook Ask At Interviews: 'Loaded Revolver'
It's a known fact that job interviews are never easy. You're in competition with I don't know how many people. But imagine having an iterview not just for an average company but for world famous ones like Apple, Facebook or Amazon. Do you think they ask questions that any other company does or do you think they have their own way of choosing the right employee? Well, the answer is of course they have their own way. Let's see one of the questions they ask during these interviews.
Here Is That Moment Mark Zuckerberg Got Accepted To Harvard!
The famous social media entrepreneur and the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg shared a video of the moment he found out he was accepted to Harvard! It is such a family moment and it is kind of funny to see all the now-low-tech gear Mark is using. :)
7 Frequent Mistakes Almost All Young Entrepreneurs End Up Making!
Unfortunately, a great proportion of young entrepreneurs who got down to business life with brilliant ideas were disappointed in their first attempt. Efe Bezci, Vice-President of the Turkish Young Businessmen Association (TÜGİAD) asserted that he observed, in a study he conducted, that young entrepreneurs frequently made 7 mistakes in their efforts.Efe Bezeci listed these mistakes that success-seekers should avoid as below:
10 Inventions That Could Have Changed Everything But Never Caught On
Mankind has always been inventive -- it's the reason why we no longer have to poop and run away from gigantic jungle cats anymore. But for as far as we've gotten, we've kind of missed the mark by shunning some great ideas during our existence.So here is our tribute to innovative technologies we could've had, if not for all the dumb, sneering philistines of the human race.
10 Sneaky Marketing Tricks Companies Use To Make Us Buy More!
Most of the time, even if we know what exactly to buy in a supermarket when going in, we find ourselves with a lot more stuff in our hands at the cash register. And that’s not because you are someone who is just “weak” and appealed by every nice thing you see that you don’t actually need. Marketing experts have a lot of tricks to get us to buy more than we need, and here are 10 of those secret tricks.
11 Most Expensive Cities In Europe Despite Their High Level Of Wealth
Europe is the home of most of the wealthiest countries in the world. However, we cannot possibly assume that high level of wealth automatically translates into an easy life. On the contrary, specific cities located in some countries are quiet expensive to live in.Glassdoor publishes the 'Cost of Living in Cities Index' every year, which focuses on monthly incomes and necessary expenses. This index also gives us various products and services that are used to calculate the inflation rate including food and rent. According to the 2016 results of this research, we listed the 11 most expensive cities in Europe. 🏡
19 Absurd Inventions From The Past No One Really Asked For!
The 20th century was a century full of inventions. Television, computers, and airplanes are the most important of them. But, weren't there any unnecessary inventions except the ones which were all revolutionary and carried human life to a totally different dimension? Of course, there were! 😁There were some inventions worked on in good faith, but weren't qualified to be called, 'this is a great invention for humanity!' We wanted to take a look at those inventions and compiled a part of these inventions for you from's see if you agree with us or not!
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