A Short History of the Graham Cracker
Graham crackers have become the base of many of our favorite desserts- from holding up toasted marshmallows with chocolate syrup for campfire s’mores, to being ground up to form pie crusts for decadent cheesecakes, as well as many more deserts.We’ve also learned to eat it on its own as cookie manufacturers laced it with honey and cinnamon. It’s so common that we never even asked, “Why was it made?” That is until the question was asked on TikTok and Twitter, sparking a barrage of people turning to good-old Google for the answer. More surprising than people actually bothering to find out was the answer itself. Entrepreneur Magazine was among the first to write about the history of the Graham cracker online. According to their research, a minister in New Jersey named Sylvester Graham invented the cracker in 1829 as a means for people to curb sexual desires, much like the invention of cereals.
17 Japanese Junk Food That Should Be Sold Everywhere In The World
When you think of snacks and junk food, Japan may not be the country that first comes to your mind but we have to say they're really successful on this. In this list, we put together 17 of the most delicious junk food that should be sold everywhere in the world. I can't wait to try all of them!
A Miraculous Chinese Man Who Allegedly Lived For 256 Years: Li Ching-Yuen
Man’s fascination with the concept of longevity beyond the 70 or 80 years of the typical human lifespan is documented in a variety of writings, myths, and legends stretching back thousands of years. Ancient Greek historian Herodotus, for example, wrote of a magical fountain in modern day Ethiopia that restored the youth of those who bathed in its waters. The Old Testament reckonings of the biblical patriarch Methuselah (grandfather of Noah) put his age at the time of his death at between 720 and 969 years. One of the more unusual cases of asserted human longevity in modern times involved Chinese resident Li Ching-Yuen (also rendered as Li Ching-Yun), mentions of whom started appearing in U.S. newspaper accounts in the 1920s accompanied by claims that he had been born in either 1677 or 1736.
15 Celebrities And Their Horribly Strict Diets To Get In Shape!
Celebrities are mostly under the spotlight and most of them rely on their looks to stay relevant and get jobs. We have compiled 15 celebrities and their incredible weight loss secrets!P.S.: The fact that the below-mentioned methods have worked for those specific celebrities doesn't mean that it will have the same effect on you. Instead of following these blindly, you should pay a visit to your physician and get a full blood work done to better address your specific needs and body type and seek help from a professional dietitian.
15 Foods That Will Make You Sleep Like a Baby
Most people complain about insomnia nowadays. Daily problems like anger and stress have the possibility of messing up our sleep cycle. Our suggestion is to consume these nutrients 1.5 hours before bed so they can help you sleep better.  If you are having real sleeping problems that can not be solved with nutritional supplements, you should probably see a doctor. Note: You should seek medical advice before changing your diet if you have any chronic condition or are pregnant.
15 Table Manners Tips You Have To Know And Implement
In some countries, table manners are taught to children at a very early age and are taken very seriously. Lots can go wrong while eating and these tips can help you not embarrass yourself, friends, or family.There are many fine details that we didn't know when it comes to table manners. So, we have compiled some easy rules to obey at the table for you!
15 Dramatic Problems You Can Relate If You Hate Milk!
There are such people who would even reject breast milk as a baby. When you get too picky about basic food items like milk, people tend to react even more strongly. We don't choose what we like and what we don't like and others should get off our backs. We don't need the judgmental treatment. Here are 15 situations that you are probably most familiar with!
14 Unwritten Rules Of Eating And Drinking!
Ok, we get it. Everybody has their way of doing things. These small things make you who you are. But if you're eating with others, there are some unwritten rules that you have to follow. We put together a couple of them. We hope our readers don't do any of these. Enjoy the list.
27 Dramatic Photos Showing What Families Eat In A Week...
American photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D’Aluisio have traveled the world documenting that most basic of human behaviors—what we eat. Their project, “Hungry Planet,” depicts everything that an average family consumes in a given week—and what it costs.
11 Good Reasons Why You Should Date A Mexican
They will steal your hearts and make hearts appear in your eyes. Your knees will shake and you will become mesmerized. Considering the possibility that the person you will fall in love with might be Mexican, we have prepared this gallery!
10 Different Types Of Burger Lovers
Do you, too get that craving for junk food at times? Sure you do! That craving for a juicy burger with fresh fries and a cold coke. Mmmm, heaven! We all have our own way of doing this, though! Take a look to this list and tell us how you eat your burger!
14 Dominant Ingredients That Suppress All The Other Flavors Inside Your Food
Everybody likes different tastes when it comes to food! You may not even stand its smell, but it can be somebody else's favourite food. There are some ingredients in cooking that dominates the entire food and suppress all the other tastes inside. Here's a list of 14 strong flavors. But you better ask if everyone is okay with it before using in your food.
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