15 Characteristics of Meryl Streep Type Girlfriend

She is not only a great actress but also an amazing role-model for every women. The perfect balance in between her job, family and personal life is admirable. These are some reasons that Meryl Streep type woman is our favorite girlfriend type.

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1. She has inner peace and she is cheerful.

2. She stands on her own two feet.

She doesn't need a guy's help.

3. She is aware of her femininity.

4. She knows how to keep home peaceful.

5. She has an irresistable aura.

6. She doesn't use her tears as a weapon.

7. She tells directly what she thinks.

That makes her less stressful and tense.

8. She is modest.

9. She has a super fun personality.

You don't realize how time passes with her.

10. She is full of love and she is tolerant.

11. She knows how to blow your mind.

12. She doesn't play mind games in her relationship.

They can honestly tell their love.

13. Her anger is big as well as her love is.

Their all emotions are intense.

14. They haven't killed their inner child.

15. They are good listeners.

Meryl Streep type is the best!

What's your girlfriend type? Miley Cyrus or Meryl Streep?

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