13 Features of Short Women No One Can Deny


Short girls are our precious ones.. They are all both sympathetic and sexy with their cute little bodies..

1. No matter their real age, they look 5-10 years younger.

2. “Oh I thought you were sisters” idiom is usually used for short moms.

3. They usually are as cute as those loved celebrities like Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Natalie Portman, etc.

4. They are loved because they respond to the needs of men; the desire to protect and feel strong.

5. The fact that short women are better in bed than average women.

6. They’re usually described as sympathetic, cute and lovely but we can’t deny the fact that they are also pretty sexy and attractive.

7. We can actually love them just because their shoe size is 5.

8. They are always energetic and cheerful. They have a down to earth approach towards people.

They know how to attract people and you usually end up being really good friends with them.

9. Remember your high school or college life, it’s the short ones who graduated in the first place.

10. They are the group who benefits the most from the discounts from shops lıke H&M, Zara, Forever 21, Victoria’s Secret, and Pink since they will get the petite sizes without competing.

11. Awkwardly, most tall men are into short girls.

12. They will look good in any type of hair or skin color, doesn’t matter if blonde, brunette, red or auburn..

13. Short women are the ones who look the best in high heels.. More sexy & tall

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