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Everything to Know About the TV Adaptation ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Ahead of its Prime Video Launch
After years of waiting, Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Award-winning book adaptation, Daisy Jones & The Six, is finally coming to the screens. The plans to adapt Daisy Jones & The Six, the book, into a limited TV series began even before the novel had been published. Daisy Jones & The Six started filming in September 2021 until May 2022 with a well-packed production team and cast. Amazon Prime Video revealed that the limited series would premiere in March 2023.
The Peripheral: A Different Kind of Cyberpunk
Amazon took an enormous risk when they decided to adapt William Gibson's novel, The Peripheral. Hardcore fans of the genre are like schools of sharks, ready to attack at the first sign of blood. If the execution isn't flawless; if there's something wrong with the dialogue, the visuals--heck, even the makeup--the work will be critically panned and parodied until the end of time. The fact that the series is gaining any praise at all is a testament to its genius, and it's doing extraordinarily well. 'The Peripheral' spent weeks in the number one spot on Amazon's top 10 list, and it's still in the ranking months after the premiere.  Reviews are extraordinary. Ratings have remained steady, and people are still trickling in, driven by organic traffic on social media--not advertisements and promotions. The work is holding up on its own, because it is a quality production. It delivers on every level--the visuals, the writing, the acting--and it does so with the necessary flair we've come to expect from the author.
5 Reasons to Watch 'The Peripheral'
When 'The Peripheral' first hit Amazon prime in October, it made a splash. It's been topping charts and garnishing rave reviews. Viewership was through the roof, and it's been growing steadily as word spread. Fast forward a few months later, and it's still on the Amazon Top 10. Here's a few good reasons why you should take a look.
Watch This Movie From The Weeknd If You Didn’t Make It To Coachella This Year
The Weeknd was able to make it to Coachella in a co-headlining slot with Swedish House Mafia after Kanye West cancelled his performance. While this show was well-received, not all of us can make it out to Coachella every year. With that in mind, there’s something that The Weeknd’s fans should not miss that you can watch right from your TV. Head over to Amazon Prime Video for The Weeknd x The Dawn FM Experience right now!
‘Killing Eve’ Ends Forever, All Four Seasons Available For Purchase
On April 10th, the final episode of Killing Eve aired on BBC One, concluding its most critically panned season. Though ending on the worst season is not an ideal situation for anyone involved, the legacy of the series lives on thanks to a knockout first season. Performances from lead actresses Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer always received praise, so if that’s enough to convince you, you can easily stream most of the series online right now.
Get Your Groove Up With ‘Step Up: Year of the Dance’
Get ready to show your moves as ‘Step Up: Year of the Dance’ starts to stream on Amazon Prime Video this February!‘Step Up: Year of the Dance’ features the story about people coming together to form the best dance crew China has ever seen. Watch and learn what it really means to be family.
10 Best Shows to Watch on Apple TV+ Right Now
Apple TV+ hasn't quite got its place in the streaming wars yet, but if you're tired of the shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, or just want to use your Apple TV+ subscription, there are some worthwhile shows. The premium, the ad-free streaming platform includes a host of original series from famous talents, but not all of them are worth your time. We found out which shows are really worth watching. Here are our picks for the best shows on Apple TV+.
Don't Skip 'Archive' on Amazon Prime on Your Next Binge Watch
Archive is the real deal if you're an AI lover, with its eye-capturing people-like robots that make it even more fantastic. Designed by Gavin Rothery, this movie is like a hidden gold worthy digging out from Prime Video's goldmines.Theo James (George) is the driving force acting as an American robotic designer of 2038 based in a Japanese forest. He brings his father to a spacecraft-esque work center, where he makes not-so-giant robots and is now about to build a bigger-than-normal robot.Besides the cute robots, this movie also covers a story known to us but in a more captivating delivery, making it even more impressive.