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5 Hilarious 'YOU' Memes To Get Us Ready For Season 4
Creepy, Funny, Macabre, or Sickeningly Romantic. No matter how you describe one of the best and top rated series in Netflix, YOU, you have to admit that the quirky and deadly couple Joe and Beth, make almost every moment “memeable” (shall we make this a word?)  indeed. If you are one of those few who have yet to follow the lives of what could be the most complicated of serial killer couples (are there any that are not?) then I suggest you get your Netflix game in order- you certainly won’t regret it! For those who have gone through the series, then this is definitely for you. Here’s a dose of witty and funny YOU memes to use in common social media scenarios. When you know something they don’t but can’t really say anything yet, or you aren’t really sure about your facts yet but want to seem like you do, know it all. This meme from Bitchygirlsmeme on Insta can say it all just perfectly.
Funny Marriage Memes That Will Make You Laugh!
Marriage is the union of two very different persons. Some say it’s a very awesome thing to experience–but for some, it may be… chaotic. These funny marriage memes will either make you rolling on the floor laughing–or questioning your own marriage. So read on and share this post!
Funny Mom Memes You Can Share to the Squad
Moms are probably one of the best things life has to offer--they do things for you; cook, clean, and take care of basically everything. They also come in handy when you misplace things; their X-Ray vision will find them anywhere.Apart from being a superhero, there may be times when moms face situations that could turn into a laughing stock. Continue scrolling and see these funny mom memes that will make you giggle.
Why I Fought to Save 'Raised By Wolves'
Every once in a while, a piece of art comes along that is so expertly crafted, so beautiful, and so profound it touches everyone who sees it. There's the Mona Lisa, the Statue of David, the Sistine Chapel, and then there's 'Raised by Wolves,' the science fiction masterpiece created by Aaron Guzikowski. As soon as I saw it, I was obsessed. It took up every free second, from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I was incapable of thinking about anything else. I watched the show on a loop, examining all of the intricate details, the plot points, the character's expressions, cave paintings, and strange alphabets, gleaning new pieces of information as I did. There were so many layers that it would've been impossible for me to fully understand what I was watching, but I did it anyway.To many people, this might sound strange. But I wasn't the only one who couldn't stop. There were thousands of fans trying to decode 'Ancient Mithraic,' arguing over canon and fan theories. They'd swarm social media, speculating about what would come next. We had found something special, and we shared a bond over it, creating more than just a fandom. Superhero movies and romcoms have fandoms. We were acolytes.
35 Best Chuck Norris Jokes On The Internet
Chuck Norris is an American actor who starred in different action movies. Norris is very popular in the 90s which is the age of action movies. He starred in The Delta Force (1986) and Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection. He is also a member of Expendables 2 (2012). There was a time on the internet when memes about Chuck Norris were popular and everyone was laughing about it. Here are 35 of the best Chuck Norris jokes of all time!