Got Shadowbanned on TikTok? Here's How to Get Unshadowbanned!
Do you think you were shadowbanned on TikTok?Shadowbanning is when TikTok censors your content so that only your followers can see it. This is different from being banned, which would mean that your account is completely removed from the app.There are many reasons why an account gets shadowbanned. It could be because of something you said in a video, or because TikTok thinks you're spamming the app.Whatever the reason, it's frustrating when you suddenly stop getting views and comments on your videos.Luckily, if you think you were shadowbanned, there are a few things you can do to try and get unshadowbanned.
Can You See Who Views Your TikTok?
Are you interested in knowing who views your TikTok videos? If you are, you're not alone. In fact, many TikTok users are curious about this as well.Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to tell who views your TikTok videos. TikTok does not publicly release this information to users.However, there are a few methods you can use to try to figure out who views your TikTok videos. We'll go over some of these methods below!
How to Remove TikTok Watermark: 5 Best Apps and Sites!
Did you find a great video on TikTok and would like to share it with your friends without letting them know where you got it? Or maybe you have an account on TikTok and want to post your own video to other social media sites but don't want to show your TikTok username. Whatever your reason is, there are many instances when it's helpful to know how to remove the TikTok watermark.Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can remove the TikTok watermark, depending on what devices and software you're using.This article will tell you how to remove the TikTok watermark quickly and easily!
Prepare For Takeoff: What If You Don't Turn Off Your Phone During A Flight?
''What's the worst that could happen? It's just a phone. It's not like I have a bomb or anything? If it's that easy to damage a plane with a telephone, why don't terrorists use them all the time?'' You probably thought all these to yourself or even shared it with the cabin crew. Well let's tell you this, there's no way you can damage any engines on the plane with your telephone but there are still some risk factors. Let's see what they are and learn why we have to turn off our phones during a flight.
Tips From The Instagram Phenomenon Who Earns $15,000 Per Share: Sjana Earp
We have prepared for you the secrets of the success of the 22-year-old Australian Instagram phenomenon, Sjana Earp, who earns $ 15,000 for every photograph she shares on her account, which she completely does as a hobby. What she does may be a dream job for everyone. And according to the news on, it doesn't seem so difficult to do.
Nokia 3310 Is Officially Back: Check Out Its New Look, Specs And New Snake!
The Nokia 3310 achieved its cult status due to its impressively long battery life, durability, and the addictive game Snake. You may already have read the news earlier this month that the 3310 could make a comeback soon after 17 years had passed since it first launched in 2000.The rumors are true – the Nokia 3310 is back, and it even has Snake! The updated version of the early noughties icon, famed for its seemingly indestructible qualities, was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. With its new peppy colors but still the same ‘featured phone’ look, Nokia 3310 boasts of a 22-hour talk time and a month long stand-by!
9 Quick Solutions To Fix Most Common iPhone Issues
But for every day fails, we are here to help.Whether you lost your phone, somehow filled up its storage capacity, or accidentally jumped into a pool with it in your pocket, DON’T FEAR. Here are a few solutions to the most common iPhone problems from Buzzfeed.
Meet Li-Fi: 100 Times Faster Internet Than Wi-Fi!
What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data?Since 2011, Mobile communications professor Harald Haas from University of Edinburgh has been working on his theory that the data could be transmitted via the visible light spectrum, using LED light bulbs in homes.Now the technology known as Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a reality and it reportedly produces a connection that is up to 100 times faster than WiFi.
10 Steps To Save Your Phone When It Falls Into Water
So you've dropped your smartphone into the toilet, sink, or pool. Don't panic! If you act fast you can prevent your smartphone from becoming water damaged without spending a penny. Here are 10 simple steps to fix a phone dropped in water.
Apple iPhone Through The Ages: Just How Much Has It Changed?
Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 7 isn't a major upgrade on the previous version, despite its various updates and features-and the well-flagged news that the smartphone has no headphone jack.That said, the iPhone has been a game-changer.It helped Apple become the world's most valuable company and has swept aside many a rival device over its lifespan, contributing to the decline of household names from BlackBerry to Nokia.Here's a look at its evolution over the years.
Fuze Is The First iPhone 7 Headphone Jack Case You Can Preorder
It was only a matter of time until iPhone 7 accessory makers started delivering a slew of cases to bring back the 3.5mm headphone jack. But I didn't expect the first case that you could actually preorder -- Fuze -- would come from a tiny Austin outfit's Indiegogo campaign. For the most part, Fuze doesn't pack in any surprises. It's a traditional case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that includes a headphone jack and also recharges your phone. That's it! But given the outcry against the loss of the 3.5mm port, its basic feature set might still win over some fans.Fuze charges with a Lightning cable, and it packs in either a 2,400 mAh battery (for the iPhone 7 case) or a 3,600 mAh battery (for the larger Plus model). Based on the images and video available, Fuze looks surprisingly thin for a battery case. At 2.9 ounces, it would still add some noticeable heft to the 4.87 ounce iPhone 7, though.Actual Innovation, the creators of Fuze, initially offered the case for $49 as a 'super early bird' price on Indiegogo. That backing option sold out fast, so at the time of this post you can either get in for a $59 'early bird' price, or the $69 standard cost. The company claims the cases will start shipping in December, but as always with crowdfunding campaigns, take that timeline with a grain of salt. At least they're not starting from scratch though -- their crowdfunding site points out Fuze is built from an existing case from a longtime MFi (Made for iPhone) certified manufacturer. So far, they've raised over $41,000 of a $60,000 funding goal.Fuze isn't anything truly innovative, but it's a sign that Mophie and other established case makers should start hustling with their iPhone 7 headphone jack solutions.
12 Great Things You Can Do For The Price Of An iPhone
Though it may seem cool to have an iPhone and having all those applications may sound great, it's not so great when you're still paying for the phone and all of a sudden a new version is released. You spend most of your income on an iPhone and miss out on so many great opportunities you can have.It's not the possessions you have that make you rich, it's what comes from within. You can buy an iPhone and become like millions of other people or you can do something else with the same amount of money and be unique.You can be an inspiration to everyone and personally taste what it feels like to give and make people happy.We found out some things that you can do for the price of an iPhone and we hope you find them as great as we did. Hopefully this will be an inspiration to someone out there.
13 Ways You Can Use Your Phone To Sleep Better At Night
A good night's sleep consists of about seven to eight hours. But with late-night work, stress or Netflix binges, achieving the perfect amount of shut-eye can be difficult.From guided meditations to nature sound playlists, there are a handful of apps out there to help you get the sleep you need and want. You probably already sleep next to your smartphone, so why not take advantage of what these apps have to offer? BuzzFeed asked its community members what helps them get actually restful sleep. Here are their favorite apps, podcasts, and more:
14 Must-Have Apps From the Google Play Editor’s Choice List
Sometimes we need a game just to kill time, sometimes some music to relax or an app to keep things planned. A success indicator for all those apps is the “Google Play Editor's Choice.” We compiled all the best ones for you here in this content. Let’s see the apps you should definitely download to your mobile for a better smart phone experience!
22 Interesting Facts About The Cellphones We Use Everyday
Phones are now a big part of us. They are like our hands and arms. We all love 'em right? We get most of our jobs done, do things we couldn't imagine doing before. Well, here are 22 things you may not have heard about our cute and lovely friends.
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