Top 15 Expensive Hotels of 2023 and Where to Find Them
Having a great vacation experience can happen to anyone planning on having one if it all goes incredibly well. Most people would go on board to a hotel that they find accommodating, full of great and sweet amenities, and affordable.
8 States in the US with No Income Tax (2022 Updated)
You have probably heard the phrase, “It’s not how much you earn, but it’s how much you save” to describe a very important wealth management principle.The most obvious step is to reduce your cost of living, which varies vastly depending on location.The amount you spend on rent, food, transportation, and even taxes could be worlds apart depending on where you live.If you are looking to move for (potentially) more financial freedom, here's a list of states in the United States with no legislated income tax to give you more money-saving options.
21 Hilarious Real-Life Events You Won't Believe Happened In A Plane!
Most of us are already familiar with the baby who cries during the whole flight, ending up sitting someone with panic attacks, or the elderly people who just won't stop talking to us. So far, so normal. However, the stories we have compiled from BoredPanda for you in this post are more unusual and extremely funny. Do you have a funny in-flight experience that you think can compete with these?
15 Of The Most Beautiful Bridges In Europe For Your Bucket List!
Among many iconic structures and buildings in the world, bridges have a special place in architecture. By making transportation easier, they allow cities and people to connect to each other while paving the way for civilizations to flourish. So, they have a special place in history as well. Some of them are so beautiful that we can easily call them masterpieces. Here are 15 of those beautiful bridges that are located in different parts of Europe.Information about the bridges was taken from Wikipedia. 
15 Mesmerizing Views From Around The World That Will Take Your Breath Away
From the freedom of wide open spaces to the glittering of big city lights, our world is filled with thousands of breathtaking panoramas just waiting to be enjoyed. With the variety of natural wonders and stunning cities throughout the world, finding the best views can be somewhat of a daunting task. Here are 15 such places which are nothing short of breathtaking.
Take Another Look At Buenos Aires With Its Dazzling Jacaranda Trees !
November means springtime in Buenos Aires, and spring is the time for Jacaranda trees to blossom and paint the whole city in purple. Those who are lucky enough to be there to witness this amazing touch of nature first hand. Worry not, we have GIFs, photos, and information about these beautiful trees. Here is the purple city!
22 Road Movies That'll Give You The Taste Of Freedom
Being on the road is always fun and adventurous. If you're going somewhere for a vacation or going on a school/business trip, it's always new and exciting. You see places you've never seen before and meet people that are not similar to those you see around you all the time.Movies about this theme always have a different taste. The characters overcome obstacles and show us how life differs in other places. In this list we put together some movies that take place on the road and we hope they will give you a push to get up and travel. The list is not in anyparticular order. If we forgot to put in your favorites, we're sorry in advance. Enjoy the list.The storylines were taken from IMDb.
14 Types Of People You Can See On Every Beach
Our favorite place on earth is most likely a beach that looks like heaven. When you are sunbathing on the sand and feeling awesome, you must have taken a look at the people around you to get that déjà vu feeling. We made a list of the beach clichés for your entertainment. Here are the 14 types of people you can see on every beach:
39 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Visit Italy!
As the Onedio team, we're going to prove with photos that Italy is actually not as beautiful as it is said to be. Don’t ever believe people talking about its mesmerizing architecture. You’ll understand as you read this through.
12 Types Of Beaches Proving Heaven Is On Earth!
Would you like to travel around the world's most interesting beaches? What happens if we say that you could do it without ever leaving your couch? You can thank us later! 🌊🌊🌊🐚🐟
The Top 30 Tallest Statues In the World!
If you are thinking of the Statue of Liberty from the USA, or Christ the Redeemer from Rio, Surprise! Only one of these two famous statues could make it into the Top 30. You've probably never heard of some -or most- of these mega statues from all over  the world.
Dirty Architecture: 15 Naughty Buildings!
Sex permeates almost all outlets of human creative expression, and architecture is no exception. Architectural structures have long been compared to the male organ, and they are called 'phallic' architecture. We tried to be gender-blind and egalitarian while compiling this list and included a few 'boob-like' buildings, as well as  'yonic' ones (forms that resemble the vagina or the vulva).  😁
20 Mind-blowing Events Showing How Mysterious Our World Is!
The world is filled with mysteries, wonders and beauties, all waiting to be discovered. We are yet to find out about so many things...Just as if we didn't have enough on our hands, we are now adding 20 more mysteries to blow our minds away, all thanks to this Imgur user. Fasten your seat belt and let's roll.
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