Cyberpunk 2077, One of the Most Played Games on the Steam Deck
If you own a Steam Deck, then your most likely playing Cyberpunk 2077. Are you wondering how we know? Well, it’s basically just simple statistics and probability…or not. As officially posted by the SteamDeck Twitter account, Cyberpunk 2077 is among the most played games on the Steam Deck.If you’ve been up-to-date with the latest news in the gaming world, then this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The action-packed open-world, action-adventure RPG is one of the most popular video games in the industry, and it has garnered much attention and seen a resurgence in popularity just recently.
Pre-Order Victoria 3 for These Awesome Bonuses
Victoria 3, the sequel to Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy game Victoria II, is set to release exclusively on Steam. This means that it will not be available to buy from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass. The game will be officially released on October 25, 2022, but you can now pre-order the game via the Steam store.Fortunately, pre-ordering on Steam will provide players with various pre-order bonuses that will provide you with more content to access.
Sega's New Blockchain Game Will Be Based on Their Digital Card Game IP
Recent reports show that the Japanese multinational video game company will be partnering with the Japan-based blockchain firm, Double Jump Tokyo, for the former’s first-ever blockchain game.Sega’s decision to collaborate with blockchain video game developers and companies and participate in the blockchain video game industry should not come as a surprise. The aforementioned company is only one of the many Japanese and some French video game companies that decided to shift their attention to blockchain video game technology.According to a report by, Sega’s partnership with Double Jump Tokyo will have them work with a video game that is based on Sega’s IP, Sangokushi Taisen, and provide Double Jump Tokyo with all the licenses it will need.
Google’s Cloud Gaming Service, Stadia, Is Shutting Down
For gamers who have been saying that the future of video gaming involves cloud gaming services, well this news might be a good reality check that we really aren’t quite there yet (or if we’ll ever be).Google just recently announced that their own cloud gaming service, Stadia, is shutting down for good. The multinational technology giant, known for its search engine technology, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, and online advertising, among other things, has officially announced via a blog post about its decision to “begin winding down our Stadia streaming service.”The massive company, which is also known to have delved into cloud computing and quantum computing, says that while the cloud gaming service, Stadia, was built “on a strong technology foundation,” it was unsuccessful in enticing and gaining enough users to justify the costs of further development and maintenance of the service.
Sorry Skull & Bones Fans, It’s Delayed AGAIN
If you’re a Skull & Bones fan and having a bad day, I suggest you don’t continue reading this article. Unfortunately, the game is set to be delayed AGAIN for one more time. The game is supposed to launch in November this year.But according to an official statement by Ubisoft, the video game company behind the upcoming and much-anticipated action-adventure game, the new release date of Skull & Bones is on March of next year. That’s another four-month delay to the release of the game, which has been delayed multiple times in the past already.
Marvel’s Spider-Man Spin-Off Will Launch This Fall
If you’re a fan of the neighborhood superhero, then here’s a piece of good news for you: Marvel’s Spider-Man spin-off reportedly will launch this coming fall. The action-packed action-adventure video game, Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, has been available on the PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5 for a while already. But finally, Sony decided to do a release on PC via Steam.
Altar of Hope: Huge Update Coming to Darkest Dungeon II
Fans of the roguelike role-playing video game and sequel to Darkest Dungeon, Darkest Dungeon II, are in for a treat! The game’s official website just announced an upcoming big update to the game, titled “Altar of Hope.”
Dedicated Fans Who Preserved Dead MMO Sued by Atlus
The well-known Japanese video game developer, publisher, and distribution company, Atlus, is suing fans for hosting servers intended to keep their MMO alive. The MMO in question is the Shine Megami Tensei MMO, Imagine Online, which is set in post-apocalyptic Tokyo.
“The focus of [No Man’s Sky] 4.0 is our Switch release,” According to Sean Murray
In a tweet posted by Sean Murray, the founder and current managing director of Hello Games, which is the studio behind the popular action-adventure survival game, No Man’s Sky, the game’s 4.0 version will be focusing mainly on the Switch release. He said that “Switch is a real labour of love for us, and the whole team is fully focused on delivering that technical mini miracle”.You can read his full tweet below:
Netflix to Further Expand Its Video Game Segment
Netflix looks to further expand its share in the video game industry as it is set to open a new Netflix Games studio in Helsinki, which will be led by Marko Lastikka, co-founder of the Zygna Helsinki game development studio. This move, however, is far from unprecedented.The massive subscription streaming service and production company has been participating in the video games market for at least several months already, with official reports about its decision breaking in July of last year (2021).
Is Roblox Shutting Down in 2022?
Everyone on the internet appears to speculate that Roblox might be closing down every few years. It's safe to claim that Roblox is not closing down because the platform has more gamers than ever, is constantly updated, has new features added, and more in the year 2022.
Cyberpunk 2077 Now Has Over 1 Million Players Daily
According to CD Projekt Red, the developer of the acclaimed action role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077, the game has now reached over one million players daily. The developer revealed this good news via Twitter.
Xbox Game Pass Subscribers, More Games Are Coming Your Way
Xbox Game Pass subscribers, rejoice! More new games are coming to you, including some of the most anticipated and long-awaited games by the community. Just a few days ago, Xbox Game Pass subscribers were excited with the arrival of five new games to the subscription service, which is in line with the previously announced plan of releasing multiple games during the last half of September.The first games that were released are the first-person shooter Deathloop and the space-based sci-fi Hardspace: Shipbreaker last 20th September and Beacon Pines, SpiderHeck, and a game preview of Slime Rancher 2 last 22nd September. However, since Slime Rancher 2 only featured a game preview, some other features are still not available to subscribers, such as achievements. But we should be expecting plenty of additional features in the next months.
Lead Hero Designer of Overwatch 2 Decides to Leave Blizzard
Just two weeks before the release of Overwatch 2 (and the inevitable shutdown of Overwatch), the gaming community is hit with sad news—the lead hero designer of Overwatch 2 decided to leave the well-known video game developer and publisher, Blizzard Entertainment.According to a Blizzard spokesperson via PC Gamer, Geoff Goodman, who was last seen publicly in an interview last June, decided to leave the company earlier this year.
GTA 6 Leaker, Allegedly Under Investigation by the FBI
If you’ve heard (or read) about the recent fiasco involving Rockstar Games and the huge leak of Grand Theft Auto 6, then you might be wondering what happened to the leaker. Well, it turns out that the alleged leaker (or hacker) is now under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Iron Man Video Game Now in Early Development
If you’re both a Marvel fan and an avid video gamer, then this is great news for you. According to an official announcement by Electronic Arts, there is an “all-new single-player, third-person, action-adventure Iron Man video game” currently under early development.This video game will be starred by the beloved Marvel character, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man, and will feature the character’s rich history and narrative.
30+ Fun Trivia Questions for Kids
Trivia isn't simply a game for adults; it's also a great opportunity for kids to test their skills and strengthen their minds and memory. Aside from that, it's also a great method for children to learn more about movies, animals, science, and even history. The options are almost limitless! And, in this chaotic time, we could all use good trivia questions. To assist you, we've compiled a list of amusing, kid-friendly trivia on topics that both kids and adults can enjoy.
The Future of NFTs Will Change as Gaming Giants Make Big Shift
The gaming community has an understandably mixed opinion when it comes to blockchain gaming. Opinions on internet forums lean towards the negative, but there are several communities that welcome gaming economies that revolve around cryptocurrencies.Hearing or reading the letters “NFT” will either entice someone to play a video game or make them ignore and bury it forever.But as much as players would hate for blockchain gaming to be the norm, its adoption by big names in the gaming industry will most likely bring a dramatic shift to how this technology is involved in video games.
Triangle Strategy Is Coming to PC: Release Date and Steam Promo Details
Tactical RPG fans, celebrate! One of the best turn-based strategy games (formerly) exclusive on the Nintendo Switch is finally coming to PC. Triangle Strategy is coming to PC via Steam on October 13, 2022.Triangle Strategy was first released on the Nintendo Switch last March 4, 2022. Fortunately for fans of the game and the genre, it will also be available to PC gamers after seven months.
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