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11 Rare Talents You Probably Don't Have!
How talented are you when it comes to doing random moves like wiggling your ears or touching your nose with your tongue? Some of these talents can be developed through ambition and practice while some moves are completely inherited. Here are 12 moves that you might want to try in your spare time?
8 Absolutely Weirdest Public Toilets Around The World!
What do you expect from public toilets? Cleanliness and comfort? Probably like most of the people, you expect public toilets to be hygienic. Contrary to your modest expectations, some people turned public toilets into a design challenge. Here are the weirdest and quirkiest public toilets that feel like touristic attractions!🚽🚽🚽
11 Movies Slavoj Žižek Recommends To Make Sense Of Our Lives
Slavoj Žižek is considered the Elvis of philosophy. He is a Slovenian cultural critic and philosopher; and also international director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities. He shared his favorite 11 movies that he thinks will best help us to make sense of the world we are a part in.
Jared Leto's 21 Famous, Jaw-Dropping Girlfriends!
44-year-old musician and actor Jared Leto must be very popular in both communities because he seems to be very good with women. This list consists of female celebrities who come to mind when we think about famous and beautiful women. These are only 'the ones that we know about.' You won't be able to help but say 'Whaaaaat? He dated her, too?' That is your right and we won't judge: it is quite impressive!
6 Masterpieces Of Dali And Their Meanings
You have probably encountered much strange news about the insane Dali. However, I have yet to come up with an analysis of what his works are telling us, and I have prepared a Onedio content that deals with this issue and which I think might be useful to people who are curious about itWhen I know the find stories about works of art, I think that it's easier and more accurate to communicate with them.Let's see what his works have been telling us all along.
15 Qualities You Should Never Forget About People Who Never Forget
There are many pros to having a good memory, but don't forget there are also many cons too. After all, one of the best things the human mind can do is to forget so that we can move on. We've collected 15 qualities people who never forget have: Some are great, some are not that much, but all of them are like the curse of an exceptional mind!
10 Of The Best Documentaries About The Internet And The Cyberculture
Over the last few decades, the Internet has grown to an essential communication tool that it became practically impossible to stay away from. Over 500 million tweets are sent in a day, Facebook has almost 940 million daily active users and Google currently processes over 40,000 searches a second! In a world like this, it was inevitable for a unique culture to occur online with its own ethical dilemmas and financial complexities. Documentary filmmakers are one of those who started long ago to think of all of these through in a critical way. We’ve collected 10 of the best documentary movies which explore the world of the Internet and the cyberculture!
15 Unusual Features Of Women That Make Them Irresistible!
The beauty ideals for women is learned most of the time. The ideals are usually the victim of the sexist perspectives that are promoted by the media. Nevertheless, it is possible to isolate ourselves from these imposed beauty ideals. TV, magazines, and newspapers are defining 'the ideal beauty' on a regular basis. However, being a woman is so much more than this strict points of view. Here are 15 unique but underestimated features that make women even more attractive!