24 Gorgeous Wedding Cakes You Could Marry Instead Of Your Fiancee!
As we get closer to summer and THAT time of the year, let's take a look at the booming trend of gorgeous wedding cakes of this year. Wedding cakes are not as white, plain, and simple as they used to be. They are so mouth-watering and artsy looking, it might make you want to attack-eat all the cake by yourself. After this list, you may want to get just for the cake of it...
The Creepiest Hornet's Nest Was Found And It Looks Like An Actual Person
A hornet's nest is usually a frightening sight, but one discovered in an abandoned shed recently is truly the stuff of nightmares. The nest formed around a wooden face with a spooky-looking face to become a terrifying combination of the two - a hornets' nest with a human face. Let's see how spooky this nest is!
Here’s The World’s Pinkest House In England That’s Taking The Internet By Storm!
A mansion guest house in Essex is almost completely pink and people can’t wait to stay there!Owners and best friends James Lloyd-Roberts, 45, a firefighter and photographer, and Amy Griffith, 37, an artist, have spent the last four years lovingly crafting this property into their magical vision. The place looks like a Barbie dream house, and it’s taking the Internet by storm!
20 Amazing Tips To Upgrade Your House In The Cheapest Way
Refreshing homes often frighten people and we think that we need to take a long time to process it all. I mean, they don't see it as something that could start today and finish tomorrow.But we want to show you that it's not really like that. With small tips, you can upgrade your house in any way you want and have fun at the same time. These tips which were taken from Buzzfeed are sure to give you ideas on what you can do.
15 Easy And Fun Home Makeover Ideas
There’s no reason to buy new stuff; you already have everything you need. You can use these easy ways of transforming furniture and make amazing changes in your sweet home.
12 Tips for a Perfect Table That Will Amaze Your Guests
One of the most important aspects of delicious food is the presentation, with a table well made. The harmony of the plates and glasses are as crucial as the food itself. We compiled some tips for you to impress your guests and improve their appetites through table organization.
The New Awesome Nature Movement: Vertical Gardening!
This is the best way of making the best out of your space and it isn't a problem at all if you don't have any particular, designated space for your gardening. You can even grow your own vegetables!You can carry vertical gardening, which you see on highways, in malls and restaurant, into your own home with the help of a couple of easy steps!And here is how:
The Art Of Napkin Folding In 20 Original Creations
This list is for you if you want to fold stuff but you are sick of making triangles out of paper. Or if you don't want to lay the napkins flat on the table anymore. Whatever the reason, here are 20 little napkin creations to satisfy your art crave!
22 Genius Ideas To Transform Small Rooms!
Yes, sometimes less is more! It doesn't matter what you have, what matters is what you could do with it! You should stop seeing your small rooms as a problem. You can transform your small rooms and earn some space to sleep, eat, socialize, work and what not. Here are 22 great ideas we found on Bright Side!
15 Cool Decoration Tips That Will Transform Your Home For Good!
Home sweet home is where we find peace and feel cozy and happy. At least it is the way it should be. Changing your home decoration doesn't have to be difficult, but sometimes we tend to exaggerate the trouble and just can't actually start doing anything.It is actually pretty easy to go with smaller projects and change the whole atmosphere.Here is how:
14 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Place By Just Using Dried Leaves!
Fall is most people's favorite season. It is a nice and pleasant break before we face the freezing cold of winter. Many of us also think that fall is the most romantic season and enjoy walking in the colorful scenery. But we can do much more with what this awesome season has to offer! It only makes sense to use the abundant amount of beautiful fall leaves to create delicious decorations to make your home beautiful. It is easy, cheap and it looks amazing!Here are some examples!
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