Why is Your Penis Shaped Like a Mushroom? The Mystery is Solved.
If you have ever wondered why the Penis is shaped the way it is, then this article is for you. A team of scientists led by evolutionary psychologist Professor Gordon Gallup of the State University of New York at Albany theorizes that sperm competition played a significant role in the evolution of the penis, particularly the glans.
14 Unfortunate People Who Met The Angel Of Death In The Weirdest Ways
There is no good way of dying. But there are some deaths that make people wish it would never happen to them. You can find many causes to die for or maybe your biological time has come. But the deaths in this list have nothing to do with either of them. They're just stupid ways to die. I hope nobody in the world will ever die like any of the ways in the list.
13 Short Answers To The Most Common Questions About Global Warming
The issue can be overwhelming. The science is complicated. Predictions about the fate of the planet carry endless caveats and asterisks. So here a list of quick answers to often-asked questions about climate change. This should give you a running start on understanding the problem.
On The Brink Of Extinction: 14 Stunning Photos Of The Awa Amazon Tribe!
Deep in the Amazon lives the world's most endangered tribe, an ancient group who trudge through the forests of eastern Brazil carrying everything they own - their children, their weapons and their pets. They have been pushed to the brink of extinction by European colonists who enslaved them and ranchers who stole the land they need to survive. And yet, they live in complete harmony with their jungle home. Most Awa families adopt several wild animals as pets and remarkably, the women breastfeed them until they are fully grown. These people are so close to being wiped out forever, that they are kept safe, away from the modern world. As a result, very few people have ever met the Awa. Photographer Domenico Pugliese is one of those lucky enough to spend time with this remarkable tribe - and even became a source of amusement for them.
Researchers Start To Work Ladybug Wings That Can Revolutionize Aircraft Designs!
Could the tiny bug spell huge shifts in aerospace engineering? Rumors and researches have started that the wing structure of Ladybugs will help in designing aircraft in the future. We have compiled the details of the research and how the research started. It's thought that ladybug can fly better than any other beetle in the world known so far. They're quite interesting animals.
23 Shocking Images Of Human Activity That Prove The End Is Near...
The destruction of our planet is now more threatening and terrifying than ever before, and the main reason, beyond doubt, is human activity. These 23 photos below show how we gluttonously slaughter everything on the planet. Scientists warn us every day about the possible outcomes of destructive human activity and climate change, but these images prove that you don’t have to get lost in complex scientific data to convince yourself that if we don’t take the necessary measures to save the earth immediately, the end is probably closer than we think.
Hunter Becomes The Hunted! Man Gets Eaten By A Crocodile While Hunting Elephants And Lions!
A death is a tragic thing to experience especially if it happens at an unexpected time. Though no death is easier than the other, it couldn't be more tragic than this man in the story. A guy named Scott van Zyl was hunting animals and organizing hunting events for fun. During one of his hunting journies, he couldn't go back home because he was eaten alive by crocodiles! Karma? You be the judge.
16 Horrifying Facts About Humans Revealed In 'Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind'
One of the best books recently written is A Brief History of Human Kind, by Noah Harari, in 2012.As readers of the book know, the story Noah tells is that of modern man, the Homo Sapiens, came out of North Africa and seized the world by eliminating, or in other words, destroying all other human species such as Homo Erectus and Neanderthal.This book tells the history of mankind and what is likely to happen in the future in a simple way. There is really much to be learned from this book!
15 Extraordinary Details From History Proving Weirdness Is Eternal!
History is filled with interesting stories. Some of them are pure coincidences and some of them are acts of people. In this list, we put together 15 of the weirdest things that happened in the history of the world. Some of them are acts of men while others are natural phenomenon. Enjoy the list!
An Unexpected Turn Of Events Between A Dolphin And An Octopus 😬
Normally, it is the dolphins that pose a threat to octopuses. Because they eat them! However, it turns out that this can be a big problem for the dolphins as well. It turns out that the tentacles of an octopus can cause the dolphin to suffocate... Even a dead octopus can be a serious threat to a dolphin!
The 15 Best Places In The World For Stargazing
In an increasingly light polluted world, stargazing is a luxury taken for granted by most of us who live in big cities. But that doesn’t change the fact that the sky is beautiful with amazing views are out there to be seen. Away from the crowded urban areas, you can enjoy the beautiful night sky! Sometimes it’s just a short drive to enjoy the view in the less populated countryside. In this list we offer you a little more than that. Here are 15 of the most spectacular places in the world to give you an unforgettable stargazing experience!
When Mother Nature Paints A Masterpiece: Atmospheric Optics!
These natural events which are also known as 'Novaya Zemlya Effect,' 'Fata Morgana,' and 'Green Flash' are kinds of mirages.A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky.Let's learn more about nature's magical optical illusions and how they come about.
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