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FX Drama Series ‘Snowfall’ Concludes Its Penultimate Season
If you're still holding on after five years of initially lukewarm reviews, Snowfall fans seem to be satisfied with the recent seasons after it had steadily built up to the events of Season Five. Though the last episodes took a different focus overall, Snowfall remains filled to the brim with the usual type of crime drama from FX's top-tier catalog. As of April 20th, 2022, Season Five is complete, and the final season is officially on its way, most likely premiering in 2023.
Everything You Need to Know About Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’
Hulu knows how to keep its fans glued to their couches perfectly. The streaming platform recently announced its adaptation of Carola Lovering’s award-winning book, Tell Me Lies of 2018, scheduled to launch in early September. Straight from her role in Hulu’s mini-series, Nine Perfect Strangers, Grace Van Patten takes up the leading role in the series alongside other talented characters.
Review of ‘Endgame’ Season 1 Episode 8
The saga continues as new episodes of the drama series Endgame continue to unfold every Monday on NBC. The show's eighth episode, 'All That Glitters', aired last night, reflecting on Elena's latest target that sheds light on her long-awaited endgame. If you missed last night’s instalment, here’s a brief of what went down.
In case You Missed it: ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is Available for Streaming on Hulu
We're counting the days to the month's end when streaming platforms will make a bunch of new releases, not only originals but also the ones that have been around for some time now.So, as I was catching up on films available on Hulu’s listing, I came by one of my all-time favorite movies starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Eyes Wide Shut. Though the classic drama film has gradually made it to my annual Christmas bucket list of movies, I occasionally re-indulge with a glass of wine on hand.Initially released in September 1999 in the U.K., Eyes Wide Shut is an erotic mystery psychological drama film with a hint of cult action. I never really know what genre to place this movie in. It's one of those absolutely bizarre films that you can't shake off, leaving you yearning to watch it over and over again.
‘Killing Eve’ Ends Forever, All Four Seasons Available For Purchase
On April 10th, the final episode of Killing Eve aired on BBC One, concluding its most critically panned season. Though ending on the worst season is not an ideal situation for anyone involved, the legacy of the series lives on thanks to a knockout first season. Performances from lead actresses Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer always received praise, so if that’s enough to convince you, you can easily stream most of the series online right now.
Everything You Need to Know About The Upcoming Series, ‘The Patient’
Thanks to streaming platforms like Hulu, we experience exciting events, put ourselves in other people’s lives, and immerse ourselves in new stories that would otherwise be impossible. While plenty of genres exist, psychological drama thrillers have remained at the top in listing the most intriguing shows. Hulu’s most recent accomplishment, The Patient, is a clear piece of evidence that our word is accurate.
The ‘Community’ Method Of TV Writing, Authored by Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon, the creator of several TV shows including Rick and Morty, first made his mark on the nation with Community after several lower-level projects. Harmon’s investment in this Emmy-winning series is more interesting than most executive producers: as part of the show, he would re-write every episode to suit the show’s particular style and format. The theory behind it now lives on as the “story circle” method, a distilled description of a hero’s journey type storyline that can suit TV episodes and movies. If you needed an excuse to revisit Community, here are the steps you can identify in every episode (except Season 4, when Harmon was not involved with the show).
‘Fresh’ Is The Imperfect Horror Film That Perfectly Shocked The World
Though Fresh has been available since March 4th, 2022, people still seem to be watching it after all this time. The hype has not died down, and it seems like you hear of another person who just watched it and needs to tell everyone about it every week. The blend of gruesome horror, comedic levity, and social commentary is certainly effective, but the answer might just lie in the nasty premise of Fresh itself. The sheer nastiness taps into the psyche in a simple way, not ever reaching the complexity or multi-tiered terror of Hereditary or Get Out yet constantly giving off a disturbing atmosphere. That’s probably why it can get away with a few shortcomings and still come across as a successfully scary film.
Counting Days To The Premiere of ‘Black-ish’ Series Finale
After eight fun-filled family times, Black-ish finally comes to an end, with its final episode landing on ABC on Tuesday, April 19.The network television took to Twitter this evening to announce the show’s finale. “All good things must come to an end. Watch the #black-ish series finale at a special time, Tuesday 9/8c on ABC. Stream on Hulu.” They also posted a 2-minute video of the show’s crew and cast members recapping their sentimental eight-year run.