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AHS:NYC Everything We Know So Far About American Horror Story Season 11
Ryan Murphy has been busy moving from one project to the next, but amidst all that glitz and glam, he seems to have neglected the one thing we love the most. 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' was a double flop, split into two half-hearted plotlines, neither of which seemed complete. It had potential, just like everything Murphy does. But it wasn't enough. After that terrible performance, the studio went quiet, refusing to talk about the show's next season. It caused a stir with the major fan accounts, who have always made up the brunt of the show's marketing only. They threatened to boycott, vowing to stop posting starting August 1. It was a huge hit to what many believe to be a franchise facing serious growing pains. Murphy didn't cave. He waited until September 29, when the show's account finally tweeted the announcement for season 11.The first 2 episodes will premiere Wednesday, October 19 on Hulu and FX.
Aunt Lydia's Straight and Narrow Path in 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Warning: This article contains spoilers for season 5 episode 4 'Dear Offred.'Aunt Lydia has always been a source of intrigue among members of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ fandom. She had a way of evoking the pervasive dread that characterized the nation. She was also sadistic. She would mock the girls with a sickening grin and a warm tone, all the while rubbing in the horrific nature of their circumstances. She didn’t seem bothered by pain or disfigurement. It was spare the rod, spoil the handmaid.She maintained an appalling level of control over the girls, monitoring their gaze, their posture, and their tone of  voice, and she didn’t necessarily instruct them. Sometimes she would watch for signs of hesitation or confusion, so she could drag them back into her torture chamber. It was impossible to imagine how anyone could be so cruel. Many fans believed her to be a secret dissident, hiding her true loyalty from the world. Some thought she might’ve been pressured to gouge out eyes and cut out tongues, but there was no mistaking that bloodlust or her passion. The way she barked out orders, shrieking and whacking things with her cattle prod. That was zealotry.We finally got our answer in season 2, when she rang the bell announcing June’s pregnancy at the red center. She had tears streaming down her face. The fertility crisis was Gilead’s main talking point in the time before, and it seemed to  bother her quite a bit. She must’ve been an early believer in the regime.
Khloe Kardashian Receives Brain Trauma Diagnosis
Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson began dating in 2016. Since the start of the relationship, both stars have primarily been in the news for one thing: infidelity. While Khloe has announced that she has broken things off with Tristan, the effects of the numerous cheating scandals have done a number on Khloe. This time in the form of brain trauma.
‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Finally Returns to Paramount+ for the Fifth Season
It’s been six years since Inside Amy Schumer completed its fourth installment, and fans nearly lost hope for the fifth season. Fortunately, the long-waited season is here to resume from where season four left off, full of sketchy comedy and more than we might have imagined.Inside Amy Schumer launched its first season in July 2013, running smoothly with yearly releases until 2016, when the series stopped for several reasons. The series creator is believed to have halted the show to work on her biography, alongside other shows such as Life & Beth at Hulu, Expecting Amy, and Amy Schumer Learns to Cook at Food Network. At one point, the show was perceived to be discontinued but Amy cut-shot the rumors and clarified the series' production would be on-halt while she concentrated on touring after becoming a bonafide actress of the time.
June Osborne and Embracing the Darkness in 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Warning: This article contains spoilers for the original novel and season 5 episode 4. The philosopher Plato once told a story about a group of prisoners who had been trapped inside a cave their entire lives. All they could see were the shadows dancing on the walls. Those shadows were their reality. They represented the ideas and objects that humans use to define everything around them. According to him, that was all most humans were capable of seeing. Should a prisoner venture outside the cave, the light would hurt their eyes, and they would be blinded by it, unable to perceive the outside world. The pain would be too much and they'd retreat back into the comfortable darkness. This story, commonly referred to as the Allegory of the Cave, is mostly meant to outline our limited perception. We don't understand the world around us, and we certainly can't look inside ourselves and perceive our own nature. The public would never accept the science behind why we do things and the way we think. It goes against our most ingrained beliefs about who and what we are. That is a light we cannot withstand. It's like when someone insults us. We get defensive and shield ourselves from the truth because it hurts.Fiction reflects that. There are all sorts of rules that writers follow to avoid the darkest aspects of human nature and the world around us. Some truths are too uncomfortable, so they we skip those parts, focusing instead on beautiful lies. Margaret Atwood doesn't gloss those things over. She grabs a mirror, shoves it in our faces, and demands that we look. That's why so much of her work seems outlandish and counterintuitive. It's real. She refuses to give us anything other than an objective view of what we are and what we're capable of. She doesn't write about heros or heroines. She doesn't do happily ever afters. She gives us probable conclusions--decades of Gilead, no hope, and very little chance of escape. She lives in our world, not the world of fiction. 'The Handmaid's Tale' series reproduces Atwood's blinding objectivity, and it can be overwhelming. They challenge our notions of what it means to be good and evil. They go to places fiction doesn't go. Sometimes it's uncomfortable and unfamiliar, but that's because it's realistic. If we take a step back, focus our eyes, and see it for what it is, we can begin to understand it better.
Everything You Need to Know About Hulu’s ‘Tell Me Lies’
Hulu knows how to keep its fans glued to their couches perfectly. The streaming platform recently announced its adaptation of Carola Lovering’s award-winning book, Tell Me Lies of 2018, scheduled to launch in early September. Straight from her role in Hulu’s mini-series, Nine Perfect Strangers, Grace Van Patten takes up the leading role in the series alongside other talented characters.
‘Killing Eve’ Ends Forever, All Four Seasons Available For Purchase
On April 10th, the final episode of Killing Eve aired on BBC One, concluding its most critically panned season. Though ending on the worst season is not an ideal situation for anyone involved, the legacy of the series lives on thanks to a knockout first season. Performances from lead actresses Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer always received praise, so if that’s enough to convince you, you can easily stream most of the series online right now.
Everything You Need to Know About The Upcoming Series, ‘The Patient’
Thanks to streaming platforms like Hulu, we experience exciting events, put ourselves in other people’s lives, and immerse ourselves in new stories that would otherwise be impossible. While plenty of genres exist, psychological drama thrillers have remained at the top in listing the most intriguing shows. Hulu’s most recent accomplishment, The Patient, is a clear piece of evidence that our word is accurate.
The ‘Community’ Method Of TV Writing, Authored by Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon, the creator of several TV shows including Rick and Morty, first made his mark on the nation with Community after several lower-level projects. Harmon’s investment in this Emmy-winning series is more interesting than most executive producers: as part of the show, he would re-write every episode to suit the show’s particular style and format. The theory behind it now lives on as the “story circle” method, a distilled description of a hero’s journey type storyline that can suit TV episodes and movies. If you needed an excuse to revisit Community, here are the steps you can identify in every episode (except Season 4, when Harmon was not involved with the show).
Counting Days To The Premiere of ‘Black-ish’ Series Finale
After eight fun-filled family times, Black-ish finally comes to an end, with its final episode landing on ABC on Tuesday, April 19.The network television took to Twitter this evening to announce the show’s finale. “All good things must come to an end. Watch the #black-ish series finale at a special time, Tuesday 9/8c on ABC. Stream on Hulu.” They also posted a 2-minute video of the show’s crew and cast members recapping their sentimental eight-year run.
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