11 Tips To Identify A Man With Father Issues


We know men typically have issues with their fathers. Just like women. But sometimes they just can’t get over them and new issues keep coming up. Here's your guide to know if a guy has father issues.

1. They always keep saying: "I’ll never be like my father!"

2. When they talk about their future plans, they say "My children will never go through the same sh.t I had’ and such quite often.

3. They exert themselves for not being unsuccessful as they think they have no father to be a role model.

4. They are very compassionate and affectionate to children.

5. They take shelter in their own room when they are lonely. There is always something that gnaws at them.

6. They are not nervous people in general, but they are famous with their sudden outbursts of anger.

7. They don’t go home empty-handed, they do their grocery shopping by themselves.

8. On contrary to the relationship with their fathers, their relations with their mothers are terrific.

9. Such sayings like "I am tough", "I have scars", and "I’ll disappoint you" are the favorite expressions in their relationships.

10. If a man sitting on his own off to one side and he doesn’t have problems with his girlfriend, the second option is that he has issues with his father.

11. Especially the young ones have a lot of talks that are actually way over their heads.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Bieber is just for imaginary purposes here.

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