What Fetish Are You Psychologically Closest To?
Fetishism is a concept commonly used by the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, and it is defined as a sexual desire for a body part that does not have a sexual function. Fetishes are nearly completely based on the subconscious and it can be very difficult and sometimes harmful to try to analyze them.Take this interesting test to see which fetish you are most inclined to.
You'll Love It! The Funniest Jokes In The World According To Quora!
A smile often shares more than 1000 words: Here is a glorious selection of good, sometimes bad, jokes to smile or to laugh heartily! In choosing the funniest jokes (according to Quora users), attention has been paid to quality to reach a certain level and to include only genuinely witty & astute jokes in this list.
15 of the Most Evil People in History and Their Grusome Crimes, Exposed
Had humans existed for thousands of years, the concept of evil would exist. The world has witnessed several tragedies in all shapes, from murders to genocides, but the real evil lies in those who cause them. These men acted crimes that not even a single word could describe how unforgivable they were. Here are 15 of the evilest people in history and their gruesome crimes exposed:
Top 5 Cheapest Countries You Can Go Travel To in 2023
Are you looking for the most beautiful locations at the best prices? Where can you go in 2023 on a small budget while still enjoying greater standards? Let's take a look at these lovely nations that you might want to include to your list of the best places to travel on a budget.
15 of the Richest NBA Players in the World and Their Net Worth
Basketball is among the most popular sports, with an ever-growing global fan base. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the world's best basketball league that produces world-class players. With outstanding performances in each game, there's no doubt that they've already made a name for themselves in the industry.According to the latest stats, the NBA earns between $7 and $10 billion per season. Since NBA is the most-watched sport in the United States, many sponsors and advertisers sign contracts with their players. It is undeniable that these world-famous stars earn massive salaries and receive various endorsement deals.This article compiles a list of the world's richest active and retired NBA players based on their current net worth. Join us and find out which of your favorite NBA players have made it to billionaire status. Without further ado, let's get started.
15 of the Richest Models in the World and Their Net Worth
Ever wonder which models are the wealthiest in the world? Models are infamous for leading opulent lifestyles, walking the catwalk, and collaborating with international fashion designers. It makes sense when you consider how much money some of them make.Based on their individual net worth and estimates, we are offering you 15 of the world's wealthiest models, and they are listed below in ascending order.
15 of the Best Christmas-themed TV Shows to Binge-watch This December!
The holiday season is near! One of the best things to do during this coming holiday is to spend time with your family. Watching Christmas-themed tv shows is a great idea. You will surely enjoy watching it because it matches the season. Aside from being timely, you can also learn lessons about what matters the most during Christmas that you will surely apply to your lives. If you need to decide what to watch, we got you! Here is the list of the best Christmas-themed TV shows you should watch.
Top 15 Richest Boxers in the World and Their Net Worth
Boxing is regarded as one of the riskiest and most deadly sports in the world. However, this sport obviously involves a considerable amount of money. The fighters' net worths are beginning to reflect the reality that the boxing profession has grown more popular in recent years.Have you ever wondered how much money your favorite boxers make? Let’s see if they are on the list of the richest boxers in the world and how much is their net worth so far.
Stephen King Net Worth and Top-Grossing Novels of All Time
Stephen King, famously known as 'the King of Horror,' is an American writer of fantasy novels, horror, thriller, and crime.  One of the largest-paid writers of all time, Stephen King has an amount of net worth estimated at $600 million. On his bookshelves, he carries a selection of best-selling novels. Upwards of 350 million copies of Stephen King's novels have been sold, generating about $48 million in yearly revenue.Stephen King wrote 64 novels, including five non-fiction works and seven written under the alias Richard Bachman. The works of Stephen King have been made into movies, series, TV shows, and comic books. Stephen has worked with different writers and authored both Marvel and DC comics.Given his countless awards and achievements in literature, Stephen King is undoubtedly one of the finest authors of his time. Stephen King was indeed the fifth-highest-paid author worldwide in 2019.
Richest Celebrity Chefs and Their Net Worth
If you want to become a billionaire as quickly as possible, your solid cooking skills will not suffice; we can't deny that we need exposure to garner much attention. This is one edge that celebrity chefs have.
What is Lady Gaga's Net Worth: Does She Own a Company Now?
Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, began as a musical prodigy at the age of four. At this early age she played piano exceptionally. At the age of 14, she gave her debut performance in a nightclub in New York City, launching her music career.
15+ of the Most Famous Female Entrepreneurs and Their Net Worth
Can you name a few well-known female entrepreneurs thriving in their business careers?The number of female entrepreneurs has risen throughout the years. These businesswomen have revolutionized industries, including technology, medicine, cosmetics, fashion, and publishing.
Top 15 Most Anticipated Horror Podcasts in 2023
Podcasts may be an excellent way to spend time, establish a mood, or educate yourself on interesting new subjects. Some listeners even prefer watching scary podcasts as they find them the finest.
Top 15 Richest Rappers in Hollywood and their Net Worth
Rap artists worldwide are making enormous amounts of money because of the hip-hop industry's continued expansion. A select few names frequently arise in the realm of rap music regardless of whether they are the richest, most well-liked, or best-selling musicians.
15 of the Most Expensive Yachts Owned by Hollywood Celebrities
Being a celebrity entitles you to a few lovely benefits, which typically go along with their high salaries.From collecting trendy fashion outfits from designers like Gucci, Prada, and Chanel, to purchasing a yacht, there are probably one of the priciest and most sought-after advantages of celebrity life.
30+ of the Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Sold
Designer shoes, like sports memorabilia, are quickly becoming valuable collectibles. Most of them are limited edition versions, that’s why a single pair can be sold at an extravagant price. Sneakers are no longer exclusively for athletics; they are now becoming a trend in casual fashion.
20+ of the Hottest Women in the World and in Which Country They Live
Times have changed and the definition of being the hottest and most beautiful changed alongside it. Being the hottest could also mean conquering the world in different areas. We’re talking about success in business, creating world-breaking trends, and making millions of followers, fans, and others.
Top 15 Expensive Hotels of 2023 and Where to Find Them
Having a great vacation experience can happen to anyone planning on having one if it all goes incredibly well. Most people would go on board to a hotel that they find accommodating, full of great and sweet amenities, and affordable.
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