15 of the Most Expensive Phones to be Released in 2023 and How Much They Cost
As technology advances, so do the devices that people enjoy using in their daily lives. If you're wondering why people are so eager to buy a new model, you can expect a larger, sharper display that's easier to read; improved performance; and, for the first time, a battery that can last a full day without needing to be recharged.
"Expect the Unexpected": The Most Expensive Lamborghinis Ever Sold in History
Among all other exclusive car brands worldwide, Lamborghini ranks very high on the list that is not only sought after by the rich and famous and also by those who dream of having it. If a person is asked what brand of an automobile would they be buying if they won the lottery, you could bet that a Lamborghini is mentioned. This brand is usually known for its incredible speed, power, and unique mesmerizing style. With that in mind, the Lamborghini is commonly associated with status, wealth, and luxury
TuSimple Fires CEO Over Illegal Ties With Chinese Firm
The CEO of the self-driving truck company, Xiaodi Hou, was recently fired just after an internal investigation was conducted that revealed unscrupulous dealings and negotiations between the ex-CEO and a Chinese firm.
Rumor Claims Toyota Is Working On A Turbo-Hybrid GR86
The GR86 is an upgraded version of the GT86 with a 2.4 liter engine producing 228 horsepower, making it more powerful than the GT86. According to rumors, Toyota is actively working on a turbo-hybrid variant of the GR86.
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