30 Funniest Amazon Reviews That Deserve An Award
Shopping online has now become more and more popular because of fast transactions, more efficient methods of payments, and other known convenience.Little did we know that it could also serve as a form of online entertainment. Apparently, you can now read Amazon reviews during your leisure time and be rewarded a good laugh!The following are the best of the best Amazon Reviews that are so funny, they deserve an award!
'John Wick' Gets Reimagined With Nerf Weapons In This Hilarious Spoof!
In this new John Wick-inspired fan video, the guys from Corridor YouTube channel parody the famous film. Keanu Reeves’ blockbusting shooter with 128 confirmed kills gets a new spin when he’s aiming a Nerf Blaster instead of an AR-15 and firing foam darts instead of bullets!
Did You Know We Can See Penguin Poop From Space?
Scientists have been trying to gain insights into penguins’ breeding habits and colony sizes. But how do you think they’ve been doing it? By observing their poo from space! It turns out, emperor penguins have left giant skid marks on the ice in Antarctica.
Can Robots Have Rights If They Become Conscious?
Science and sci-fi movies affect and feed each other. Today, we are talking about yet another possibility. It isn't about the question if robots can become conscious. We are a couple of steps ahead of that. Now the question is if they can have rights if they become conscious.
8 Myths About Your Body You Should Stop Believing Now! 🙌
The human body is fascinating and there is just so much that we don’t know yet. However, out of the things we do know, a lot of them are simply untrue. And sometimes people's beliefs are not only weird, but even harmful. We bust a few common myths.
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