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Everything We Know About HBO Max’s ‘Avenue 5’ Ahead of its Season Two’s Launch
Better late than never! The second season of Avenue 5 is finally here after nearly two years of waiting. Deadline revealed the news recently, alerting the fans that season two will be the last from the series after the cast was let free to pursue other shows and professions. Season two of Avenue 5 was initially scheduled to launch in August 2021 but was postponed to an unknown date. The show creators significantly blamed the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic for the prolonged delay of the second season. Avenue 5 season one performed excellently, setting a solid foundation for its successor with an outstanding 6.5 out of 10-star rating on IMDb and a 53% average score on Rotten Tomatoes.
‘Wahl Street’ Season 2: Plot, Creators, Cast & Release Date
Wasn't it just the other day when Wahl Street launched its first season? Time flies and the second season is here with us, offering more episodes of Mark Wahlberg's life and how he handles his professions besides the tight schedule. Mark Wahlberg is an American businessman and actor, formerly a rapper, who has received several awards and nominations. Wahl Street premiered its season one in April 2021, garnering a 6.2 out of 10-star rating and an 82% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes- worth for a season two.
Essential Details About HBO Max’s ‘Pennyworth’ Season Three
If you’re a fan of DC characters, HBO Max got some more for you in its newest show, Pennyworth, season three. The streamer has been embracing superhero shows for years now with the likes of Doom Patrol, Harley Quinn, Stargirl, Batwheels, and many more.Pennyworth is a three-season show set in the 1960s, starring the members of the Wayne family. The series first premiered on Epix before progressing to HBO Max for its third season. Thanks to the incredible showrunners and cast, Pennyworth has managed an outstanding 7.9 out of 10-star rating on IMDb, an 86% average audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 60% score on TV Guide.
Season 2 of 'Batman: The Audio Adventures' Gets a HBO Max Premium Date
Despite canceling several shows, HBO Max maintains the glory with original shows and progressive installments to keep its viewers fully engaged. The streaming platform recently revealed the launch date for the second season of Batman: The Audio Adventures to be within this fall. Inspired by the Batman comics of the 1960s, Batman: The Audio Adventures debuted last year’s fall and performed excellently with a 7.7 out of 10-star rating on IMDb.
Five Must-Watch T.V. Series of 2022 So Far!
You can agree that the first half of 2022 has been full of exciting content from several streaming platforms, right! Search Party, The Inventor, Angelyne, Our Flag Means Death, Minx, Pachinko, Slow Horses, Barry, Undone, and Hack are just a few releases. We’ve handpicked a few of these pieces for you for several reasons that will have you siding with us.
What to Love About HBO Max’s ‘The Last Movie Stars’
It has been slightly a bumpy path for HBO Max’s The Last Movie Stars to reach its audiences. The documentary series initially launched at the South Film Festival and later had a screening at the Cannes Film Festival in the first six months of 2022.However, The Last Movie Stars was initially meant to launch on the CNN+ streaming platform as an original before the streamer dissolved. HBO Max warmly welcomed the series into its premises.
Apple TV Plus’s ‘Trying’ Season Three: Plot, Cast, Release Date, Trailer & More Details
Regarding great pieces, Apple TV+ never sleeps on the job. The streamer is here with another installment, Trying, a series telling Jason and Nikki’s challenging parenthood journey.  Parenting is not a child’s job. Several characters struggle to raise their children in the HBO Max’s Close Enough and Children Ruin Everything (ABC). The most recent installment of that genre is Apple TV Plus’ Trying.
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