Check These Stories from the Villain’s Point of View

Maybe they had a valid point?

All the stories are told from the good’s point. Have you ever thought maybe “the bad ones” might be also right?


1. Stepmother of Snow White

Every woman on earth cares about her look, like Snow White’s stepmother did. Maybe she was a bit overpassionate to be beautiful but still it’s not a crime (yet). In fact while she was living with Snow White in castle and she has never treated her badly during this time. By the way where is Snow White’s father? Poor stepmother is caring about everything while the father is far away. Okay at one point, she wants to kill Snow White, you might think there is no excuse to defend her but when the Hunter brings the deer’s heart she easily accepts it. Do you think this clever lady can’t really discriminate in between a human heart and a deer heart? She accepts and ignores the fact it’s a deer heart because she never wanted to kill Snow White but her pride prevents her to step back. When you think deeply the actual bads of the story are the missing dad and the mirror that whispers all the bad thoughts to the stepmother. You can ask about the apple at the end… We have an answer for this too. Stepmother actually helps Snow White to find the love of her life with this apple trick. You always think the worse! Stepmother should be the hero of the story.

2. Decepticon

Imagine, you are a 20 ton weighting big machine, you can think and easily change shape. There is no one more powerful than you but you have to live with human’s rules and order. Why? Because they have the world. If they own the world and their rules are great who is the responsible of all the massacres, genocides or wars? If they are clever enough to put their own rules why everything is that messed up? Deceptions should have all the rights! They might have done some bad stuff too but you can’t compare this to the evilness of human in history. No one can say Deceptions are bad while human beings are the responsible of this many massacres, genocides or wars.

3. Sauron

What he wants? He wants to rule Middle Earth. Who doesn’t want? Even on our Earth the middle part is in conflict. Why to blame Sauron only because he uses magic or slaving Orks. The real world’s Saurons are even worse than him.

4. The Wolf in the Little Red Riding Hood

No one can blame a wolf while it is acting totally normal with his natural instincts. His biggest mistake is actually to let the girl go on the first place while they met in the woods. What he should have done was to eat this girl right away. But he gave her another chance. At the end he followed his instincts and ate both grandmother and the little girl. What about the Hunter? He is the real evil. Why he is hunting the poor wolf in his natural habitat and then killing him. As this is not enough he fills this wolf’s stomach with stones. Not cool bro, not cool.

5. Joffrey Baratheon

He is the most hatred villain of Game of Thrones. His father is an alcoholic and he has an ambitious mother like Cersei, his grandfather Twyin Lannister is a sick man. This poor guy already has a crazy family history and while age of 15 he takes the throne. How do you expect to this guy grow normal? Take any kid and put in his position they will also go mad. The kid is the real victim here.

6. Joker

Batman has the media and police support, money, health, chicks, fame all the things that you can imagine and also he is the hero of the city of Gotham. What does Joker have? Nothing. He is so poor that he has to steal. Even sometimes he shares the money he stole with other poor people, does Batman shares his wealth? Hell no! Also Batman uses media to play with people’s perception about Joker. If the Joker is the bad guy of the story, Bruce Wayne is evil!

7. Frankenstein

Creating a new being with leftover meat pieces and keeping everything together with screws? And just when it becomes alive you realize that you have created a monster. What did you expect really? This monster to bring the world peace? Find a solution to hunger? Ending the drought? Have you ever thought about his psychology or how he will feel with his look? You left the science’s path and followed the desire to be God. Before Frankenstein you created the real monster in yourself Mr.Scientist.

8. Coyote

Another story that blames the animal just because it is following its instincts. This one is happening in States. A clever and hardworking animal trying to catch its prey with different strategies. In every set-up it fails, mostly because of the faulty dynamites. Not only fails but also it is humiliated by an annoying bird “beep beep”ing all the time. In this story there are two bad. The first one is the ACME Company producing low quality and randomly working dynamites and cheating the coyote. The second one is Road Runner. We hope justice will be served soon.

9. Scar

Check out Mufasa, big, strong, powerful and his son is just like him. But Scar? Thin, weak, frail, alienated from the troupe. As a result he looks for another group to be a part of it and he became friends with hyenas. Don’t you think he would also prefer to hang with lions? If they didn’t push him out and cared about him, would he still hang with hyenas? Of course not. Scar thinks only way to belong back to the troupe is killing his brother and get the power. In this way we see a character fighting for his dignity and rights. The real bad guy is Mufasa who alienated his brother from the beginning for the fight for throne.

10. Uncles of Casper

How a ghost can be cute? From the beginning there is a problem with the storyline. What’s wrong with you Casper? A ghost’s only duty should be to scare people. Casper is failing at his only job. You had one job Casper. Also he is blaming his uncles who are proudly pursuing ghost tradition and hard working to scare people. Casper is a rebel. He is the bad guy. He is the one that opposes their nature and refuses to be a part of hundred years of tradition. Ghost can’t be cute! Think about it Casper.

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