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Alice The Musical: A Contemporary Adaptation of a Classic Tale
'Alice The Musical,' an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic novel 'Alice in Wonderland,' meets theater lovers as a contemporary musical. This exceptional production, which premiered in 2019, promises its audience full-house performances and striking shows. The musical, distinguished by its engrossing narrative, grand production, and unique music, offers viewers an unforgettable experience.
Gülse Birsel: The Multitalented Luminary of Turkish Comedy
Gülse Birsel, one of Turkey's most respected and versatile talents, has made significant contributions to Turkish cinema, television, and literature as an actress, screenwriter, comedian, journalist, and author. Born as Gülse Şener in Istanbul on 11 March 1971, Birsel's journey to the entertainment industry was not a straightforward one.
Disney+ Announces A Worldwide Premiere on the Japanese Hit Series ‘My Family’
The Japanese drama series, My Family will be added to Disney Plus's back catalogue anytime this year, making it the second TBS drama on the streaming platform after 2021's Tokyo MER.My Family first aired its first episode on TBS on April 10 2022 and is still ongoing with a weekly release till its finale scheduled for a June 12, 2022, release.
20 Generous Companies With Incredible Employee Perks
Companies like Airbnb and Facebook are offering unique and surprising perks like travel stipends and 'Baby Cash,' according to Glassdoor's new list of the 'Top 20 Employee Benefits and Perks.' Businessinsider listed 20 of the most incredible perks companies are offering right now.
‘Cheaper by the Dozen’: Coming to Disney + Later This Month
Disney plus has done it again with their new instalment, Cheaper by the Dozen. Written by Jenifer R-G Henry and Kenya Barris, this movie is set to drop to our screens later this month. Cheaper by the Dozen is a remake of Loy & Cliffton Webb’s Cheaper by the Dozen of 1950 and Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin's of 2003. This latest version incorporates many new multiracial characters, ready to capture our attention entirely.
Noah Baumbach’s ‘Marriage Story’ Netflix Follow-Up Will Release In 2022
Noah Baumbach, a 21st-century film industry veteran and Academy Award nominee, follows his successful Netflix feature Marriage Story with his first-ever book adaptation. The famous 1985 postmodern fiction novel White Noise is getting its first film adaptation after decades of the rights passing between companies. The Don Delillo novel was an arresting display of satire and drama mastery, and its complexities have prevented it from reaching the big screen until now.
‘The Mandalorian’ Season 1 Showed That Star Wars TV Could Be Cool
A new Obi-Wan Kenobi show and a Cassian Andor show premiere on Disney+ in 2022, and a new season of The Mandalorian should be around sometime soon as well. If you need to be refreshed on the Star Wars live-action TV universe, here’s a quick rundown of the first show to enter the new mode of Star Wars storytelling.