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Cyberpunk 2077, One of the Most Played Games on the Steam Deck
If you own a Steam Deck, then your most likely playing Cyberpunk 2077. Are you wondering how we know? Well, it’s basically just simple statistics and probability…or not. As officially posted by the SteamDeck Twitter account, Cyberpunk 2077 is among the most played games on the Steam Deck.If you’ve been up-to-date with the latest news in the gaming world, then this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. The action-packed open-world, action-adventure RPG is one of the most popular video games in the industry, and it has garnered much attention and seen a resurgence in popularity just recently.
From Hannah Montana To Miley Cyrus In 48 Shocking Steps
This journey is like series of life lectures, if you interpret them deeply. From our beloved Hannah Montana, to today’s sexuality ‘defender,’ Miley Cyrus. Since this is a Miley Cyrus article, please step away from the computer if are younger than 18!
Disney+ Announces A Worldwide Premiere on the Japanese Hit Series ‘My Family’
The Japanese drama series, My Family will be added to Disney Plus's back catalogue anytime this year, making it the second TBS drama on the streaming platform after 2021's Tokyo MER.My Family first aired its first episode on TBS on April 10 2022 and is still ongoing with a weekly release till its finale scheduled for a June 12, 2022, release.
‘Cheaper by the Dozen’: Coming to Disney + Later This Month
Disney plus has done it again with their new instalment, Cheaper by the Dozen. Written by Jenifer R-G Henry and Kenya Barris, this movie is set to drop to our screens later this month. Cheaper by the Dozen is a remake of Loy & Cliffton Webb’s Cheaper by the Dozen of 1950 and Bonnie Hunt and Steve Martin's of 2003. This latest version incorporates many new multiracial characters, ready to capture our attention entirely.
50 Must-See Animation Movies Of The 21st Century!
Over the last 20 years the animation genre has changed a lot. Though Disney seems to rule the sector, it has limited itself to more childish stories. On the other hand, Japanese animation movies are still not following a mainstream path. Nevertheless, we enjoy watching animated movies! We created a list of must-see animated movies just for you!
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