Jake Paul vs Ben Askren: Review and Overview and Highlights
Before I discuss the fight between Jake Paul and Ben Askren, I just want to say: what is up with YouTubers challenging professional and/or retired boxers or MMA fighters?Because right now, we have another YouTuber who dared a retired MMA fighter to fight with in the ring. It’s not Logan Paul though, but his younger brother, Jake Paul, who called out Ben Askren to have a match with him.The match happened on April 17, 2021, at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.Unlike Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition match, their match is a professional match. It started when Jake called out several fighters to step into the ring and fight him during his match with former NBA player, Nate Robinson. Among the several fighters he dared are Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz, Dillon Danis, Jorge Masvidal, and Ben Askren.
Jake Paul vs Floyd Mayweather: Review and Highlights from the Fight
This may come as no surprise to anyone, but it needs to be said just the same -the Jake Paul vs Mayweather fight did absolutely nothing for the sport of boxing. It did everything else except elevate the sport.Now that the dust has settled, we can now look back and ponder if the bout had any meaning in a larger context or was it nothing more than a vulgar cash grab?
Adrenaline Rush: Near-Death Edition!
Just watching these people do what they do will make your body secrete extra adrenaline! From the ones who get pics hanging down from skyscrapers to ones doing crazy tricks on their bikes, you can find it all in this video...
5 Insane, But True, Twin Stories That Are Creepier Than Any Horror Movie
Historically and mythologically being born with a twin could be seen as either a blessing or a curse. The object of intense fascination, in some respects, you were sometimes treated as a sideshow. During certain awful periods in history twins were the object of medical fascination and unethical experiments were performed on them. In pop-culture and in movies like The Shining, twins are not only presented as a little mysterious but full-on creepy. While most of us know by experience or common sense that twins are just like everybody else, there is still an air of mystery surrounding them.There are a lot of real-life stories about twins that will creep you out and we’ve selected 5 of the craziest for the list below.
These People Are Windsurfing In Extreme Hurricane Conditions!
Red Bull Storm Chase is the toughest windsurfing contest in the world, and it’s back for 2017. The contest won't be held until the strongest storm of the winter hits the Northern Hemisphere. In the video below from the last contest, you’ll see how these brave windsurfers are fighting with extreme hurricane conditions and huge waves!
15 Enlightening Ways How Successful Chess Players Also Succeed In Life!
For the more a man restricts himself the closer he is, conversely, to infinity...says Stefan Zweig, in his novella The Royal Game'. Isn't that really so?He says many true words in this novella; like how life and chess overlap, and how this is a beautiful thing. We tried our best at explaining ways that life and chess are so uniquely alike.
Lucky Wingsuit Jumper Survived Horrible Crash In French Alps
Californian jumper Eric Dossantos' wingsuit crashed into a tree, but he managed to survive, though he broke multiple bones including three ribs and his left shoulder blade and sustained head trauma. 'I thought I had died. I had no idea what I was doing there or where I was. I couldn’t remember anything after the first jump of the day, except for a faint memory that I had been jumping,' he said after he gained conscious.
Sickest Jet-Ski Tricks To Drop Your Jaw!
I thought Jet Skis were so 90's until I saw this video. Now the replay button is broken. Go ahead and watch this insanely cool video starring worldwide legends like Ant Burgess and Daniel Martin.
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