Beyond the Brush: 11 Terrifying Paintings with Sinister Legends
Painted by Italian painter Bruni Amadio in the eighties, 'The Crying Boy' suddenly became famous worldwide. Especially after the events in Europe, the painting became known as 'cursed'. So much so that in the houses where this painting was found, fires would break out, and even though everything would burn down, this painting would remain intact. In fact, in 1985, the British newspaper The Sun started a campaign with its readers to get rid of this painting. Hundreds of readers gathered in front of the newspaper building and set fire to the 'cursed' painting.
Decoding 'The Scream': What Does The World's Most Expensive Painting Want to Tell Us?
That spine-chilling painting everyone knows... The Scream! After learning the story behind the painting from 1893, created by Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, your perspective on the work may change. Like many other painters, Munch's life was also full of ups and downs, and challenges. Beautiful works do not come to existence without difficulties. You will be surprised when you hear that Van Gogh indirectly contributed to The Scream. Here are the details behind the world-famous painting, The Scream...
Masterpieces That Redefined Art: 12 Works That Altered History
Art is something that goes beyond aesthetics and technique and can influence and even change the world. The artists we have compiled challenged the status quo and created something innovative and completely different. Here are those artists and their artworks that changed the world!
17 Creepy Drawings By Schizophrenics To See The World Through Their Eyes
Schizophrenia. The worst among all the other psychotic disorders.Maybe the most complex point a human brain can reach.Not knowing what’s real, not being aware of the disease. Claiming what is seen to be concrete, not accepting the disease. The list goes on, but we could never understand what’s happening in their brain. Not even 10% of it. Until people who are suffering from Schizophrenia drew their concrete reality and other beings in their minds.
25 Of The Greatest Artists Ever Lived Illustrated In Their Own Unique Styles
Graphic designer Andry Tuohy's work, highlighting the greatest modern artists, shows the unique styles of 52 key artists in their own portraits. A fun fact about Andry's work is that he chose one artist for the each letter of the alphabet. Here are 25 different portraits you will fall in love with.Don't forget to click on the artist names for more information!
Can You Guess Which One Of These Paintings Are Modern Art Or Made By Kids?
Modern art is confusing for some us. Paintings that you think you could create yourself can sometimes be sold for millions of dollars and receive a bunch of compliments. What is accepted as art is also a controversial topic. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish between modern art and a painting that was made by a kid. Let’s see if you can distinguish between the two!
6 Masterpieces Of Dali And Their Meanings
You have probably encountered much strange news about the insane Dali. However, I have yet to come up with an analysis of what his works are telling us, and I have prepared a Onedio content that deals with this issue and which I think might be useful to people who are curious about itWhen I know the find stories about works of art, I think that it's easier and more accurate to communicate with them.Let's see what his works have been telling us all along.
The Mystery Of "Starry Night" By Van Gogh Has Been Revealed!
The painter, well known for his works like Starry Night, Sunflowers, and Bedroom in Arles is no doubt surrounded by mysteries. His life and his works are very interesting and some of the the most wondered mysteries have been revealed. Let's take a look!
16 Movie Posters Inspired By World Famous Art Masterpieces
Poster designs combine different types of art, and sometimes carry inspirations from famous art works. Of course, movie posters are original art works on their own and they are a very important part of the movie. We gathered 16 beautiful movie posters that were inspired by famous art masterpieces in this post.
35 Of The Most Gruesome And Unsettling Paintings In Western Art
Sometimes, an artist's imagination reaches out to the darkest places in the human soul.  Disturbing and terrifying images come out on the canvas, and we get thrilled by the eeriness.We’ve made a list of 35 of the most terrifying art pieces in Western Art, which will strike you with admiration and disturb you both with their background stories and their atmospheres at the same time.
17 Self Portraits Of The Schizophrenic Artist Bryan Charnley!
Schizophrenia is a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality.The paintings of Bryan Charnley (1949-1991) used visual metaphor and symbolism to vividly illustrate the physical experience of schizophrenia, an illness Charnley lived with from adolescence until his premature death in 1991.Here is some information about his life and the self-portraits he painted in last a few months of his life, which captured and reflected the effects of Schizophrenia. Below each image, you can see the date the painting was made, together with his own diary notes in which he explained the the imagery.