15 of the Richest Models in the World and Their Net Worth
Ever wonder which models are the wealthiest in the world? Models are infamous for leading opulent lifestyles, walking the catwalk, and collaborating with international fashion designers. It makes sense when you consider how much money some of them make.Based on their individual net worth and estimates, we are offering you 15 of the world's wealthiest models, and they are listed below in ascending order.
What Businesses Does Kris Jenner Own? What Is Her Net Worth?
It is without a doubt everyone will surely recognize when hearing the name of one of the family members of Kardashian-Jenner. They are a powerful and wealthy family who have made their name popular across the world through fashion, reality shows, and businesses.However, the success of every member of the Kardashian and Jenner family was caused by Kris Jenner. The original momager who established the foundation and creation of the TV reality show 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' resulted in their family's success.
Richest Boxers in the World and Their Net Worth
Boxing is regarded as one of the riskiest and most deadly sports in the world. However, this sport obviously involves a considerable amount of money. The fighters' net worths are beginning to reflect the reality that the boxing profession has grown more popular in recent years.Have you ever wondered how much money your favorite boxers make? Let’s see if they are on the list of the richest boxers in the world and how much is their net worth so far.
Stephen King Net Worth and Top-Grossing Novels of All Time
Stephen King, famously known as 'the King of Horror,' is an American writer of fantasy novels, horror, thriller, and crime.  One of the largest-paid writers of all time, Stephen King has an amount of net worth estimated at $600 million. On his bookshelves, he carries a selection of best-selling novels. Upwards of 350 million copies of Stephen King's novels have been sold, generating about $48 million in yearly revenue.Stephen King wrote 64 novels, including five non-fiction works and seven written under the alias Richard Bachman. The works of Stephen King have been made into movies, series, TV shows, and comic books. Stephen has worked with different writers and authored both Marvel and DC comics.Given his countless awards and achievements in literature, Stephen King is undoubtedly one of the finest authors of his time. Stephen King was indeed the fifth-highest-paid author worldwide in 2019.
15 of the Most Expensive Perfumes and Which Celebrity Owns Them
Prior to the invention of deodorant or body soap, the original purpose of perfume was to mask offensive body odors. Since their introduction as a way to cover up bad odors, fragrances have come to be seen by the general public as symbols of sophistication, class, and elegance.
What is Khloe Kardashian's Net Worth?
Khloe Alexandra Kardashian is an American media personality, model, reality television star, and entrepreneur. She is well-known for her appearance on the reality show 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians,' which featured her and her family's daily lives.
Top 10 Richest Rock Stars in the World and Their Net Worth
Rock stars have always had a profound effect on our society. While some have accumulated wealth as both band members and solo performers, others have found success as solo singer-songwriters or as members of well-known rock bands.
Richest Celebrity Chefs and Their Net Worth
If you want to become a billionaire as quickly as possible, your solid cooking skills will not suffice; we can't deny that we need exposure to garner much attention. This is one edge that celebrity chefs have.
What is Ariana Grande's Net Worth and Which Brands Does She Own Today?
One of the iconic and most promising artists is the remarkable Ariana Grande. She is a Grammy-Award-winning multi-platinum recording artist who has also made a mark on the fragrance world and beauty industry. Ariana has millions of fans that support her songs and business. No wonder why she earns millions.
What is Lady Gaga's Net Worth: Does She Own a Company Now?
Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, began as a musical prodigy at the age of four. At this early age she played piano exceptionally. At the age of 14, she gave her debut performance in a nightclub in New York City, launching her music career.
Top 15 Richest Rappers in Hollywood and their Net Worth
Rap artists worldwide are making enormous amounts of money because of the hip-hop industry's continued expansion. A select few names frequently arise in the realm of rap music regardless of whether they are the richest, most well-liked, or best-selling musicians.
Rapper Busta Rhymes Releases New EP 'The Fuse Is Lit'
Busta Rhymes' released his new project, ‘The Fuse Is Lit,’ on Friday, 18th November, to positive reviews.The new EP from Busta was rated ‘Very Hottttt,’ in an editor review by rap culture website ‘HotNewHipHop.’Busta Rhymes is said to have released the new project after encouragement from Funk Flex, who has been pressuring artists from various generations to drop new music.Flex features on Busta’s lead single, ‘Slap,’ alongside Big Daddy Kane and Conway the Machine.The EP features five new songs for East Coast OG Busta to rhyme on.The project showcases the rapper’s ability and some of his slick bars proves he still got huge talent.New York artists Swizz Beatz and Capella Grey also assist Busta on tracks in addition to those on the single ‘Slap.’Jamaican dancehall jammer Skillibeng also assists Busta on a lively dancehall inspired track.
Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Have Their First Child
Rapper Big Sean and his partner Jhené Aiko have announced that they had their first child together this week.The couple revealed the news with a montage of photos on each of their Instagram profiles on Friday, 18th November.The couple announced that they named their firstborn son Noah after he was born on the 8th of November.Big Sean revealed some details of the birth to fans in his post to the social media platform.“After 24 hours of Labor, A Lunar Eclipse, with rain from the beginning of labor til he was born, he’s here safe and sound,” the rapper wrote on his Instagram.“Happy, Healthy and everything we could ever ask for and more. Any and everything for you Son,” he added.Singer Jhené Aiko gave her fans a similar reveal on her own Insta page, adding a few pet names for the pair’s newborn baby.“My baby Yoda, my Sani,” she said of her son.
Mary J. Blige Announces She has Written a Children's Book
Hip hop legend Mary J. Blige has announced that she will be release her first children’s book. This first kid’s book that she has written is set to be titled, ‘Mary Can!’The musical artist took to social media to announce her debut into the world of books.On Instagram, the star revealed her “BIG NEWS,” posting the cover art for the new book.The children’s work is illustrated by artist Ashleigh Corrin and is set to be released for sale in stores on 28th March of next year.“I’m so excited to share some BIG NEWS with you!!! I wrote a book for kids and it is available for preorder TODAY!” Blige wrote on Instagram.
Ludacris Advocates for Black-Owned Businesses in New Song
West Coast rap legend Ludacris had teamed up with tech giant Google to release his new single, ‘Buying All Black,’ with an interactive music video.The song and video from the three-time Grammy winner features Flo Milli and 70 Black-owned businesses.The release of the production comes in time to celebrate the third yearly US-wide campaign known as ‘Black-owned Friday,’ this week.The interactive video sees Ludacris transported to different Black-owned businesses through the rapper’s Google searches. The various wares sold by each Black business featured are highlighted during the video — including the clothing donned by Ludacris and Flo Milli in the production.
Roddy Ricch Buys Groceries for Shoppers in his Hometown
Roddy Ricch gave back to his city of Los Angeles this week by paying for some residents’ groceries.It seems the LA rapper has taken the title of his ‘Feed Tha Streets,’ mixtape series quite literally by paying for customers’ shopping at a local supermarket in his hometown.The Compton rapper got on the loudspeaker of a local grocery store and let customers by know he’d be paying for all of their shopping for the day.Ricch has turned Good Samaritan as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the USA while inflation rises in the country.The following no is what the rapper announced on the supermarket’s P.A system.“It’s Roddy Ricch, if I got any shoppers in here we just came through to pay for anybody’s groceries for the next 30 minutes,” he told the shoppers.“If you got your groceries and you want us to pay for them and help y’all out,” he announced on the sound system.“We here for y’all, make your way to the register — we got y’all and we appreciate y’all. We love (Los Angeles), happy holidays,” he said.The rapper’s generosity went on to help out many shoppers, who were left touched by his gesture.“Thank you so much, I just wanna cry right now,” one female shopper said. “This is a blessing today,” another said.
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