Dua Lipa and Trevor Noah Spark Dating Rumors
Days ago, the Daily Mail released pictures confirming the most random and unexpected news: Trevor Noah and Dua Lipa might be dating. The paparazzi spotted the English songwriter and the Daily Show host having a private dinner in a New York restaurant. After the pair left the restaurant, they were spotted locked in an embrace and a passionate kiss. Exclusive pictures published by the Daily Mail showed Dua Lipa wearing baggy mom jeans and a black leather jacket. Trevor was also dressed in a similar style, suggesting that their intention was to blend in with the crowd without attracting attention. After the dinner, Dua Lipa was spotted in Greenwich Village, close to the location of her dinner with Trevor.
Khloe Kardashian Receives Brain Trauma Diagnosis
Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson began dating in 2016. Since the start of the relationship, both stars have primarily been in the news for one thing: infidelity. While Khloe has announced that she has broken things off with Tristan, the effects of the numerous cheating scandals have done a number on Khloe. This time in the form of brain trauma.
Who are Johnny Depp's siblings?
Johnny Depp is a certified Hollywood A-lister. His acting prowess and block office success has given us films like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ ‘Edward Scissor Hands,’ ‘Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean series, and many others. Fans and almost everyone with access to the internet know about Johnny’s relationships- his partners like Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, and Vanessa Paradis- the mother of his children, Lily-Rose and Jack. But most people don’t know about Johnny's family before he became a Hollywood sensation.  Here’s a look at his three older siblings- Daniel, Debbie, and Christi and their mom, Betty-Sue Palmer.
Who is the voice actor behind Chucky in the movies?
Horror fans would definitely list ‘Child’s Play’ as one of the top slasher films of all time. The movie franchise (all six movies!) by Don Mancini features ‘Chucky,' a doll that is haunted by the soul of a serial killer. The first movie was launched in November 1988 and has since produced a comic book, a TV series, and even a video game. It was named the best horror franchise and has earned over 250 million dollars. While Chucky is known across the globe, not much is known about the actor who has lent his voice to this Hollywood horror icon.
All The 'Don't Worry Darling' Drama Explained
September has been filled with numerous Hollywood-related controversies, however, the ongoing drama surrounding the recently released movie, Don't Worry Darling, definitely takes the cake. Since the movie's dramatic premiere at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month, social media has been awash with suggestions of off-screen drama involving the movie's cast. If you’re on Twitter often, there are high chances that you have stumbled on tweets making hilarious references to controversies surrounding the movie. This article will fill you in on the details.
Amazon Prime Releases to Look Out for In October 2022
Prime Video seems to be gearing up its content as the year approaches its final months. The platform's official releases for October have been disclosed, and the lineup is packed with multi-genre releases that suggest October would be pretty exciting for Prime Video subscribers. Here are some releases to expect from Prime Video in the coming weeks.
Cardi B And Nicki Minaj's Beef: 4 Years in and They're Still at Each Other's Throats
The American female rap scene used to be dominated by one artist: Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj maintained her reign as the most prominent female rapper in the USA (and arguably the world) for over eight years. However, things have dramatically changed in recent years. When Cardi B swung into the limelight with the hit single 'Bodak Yellow’ in 2017, Nicki Minaj’s claim to the title of the most prominent female rapper in the USA has been questioned often. Since Cardi B’s emergence, other female rappers like Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, and Latto have also become a part of the conversation. As is often the case in the music industry, when artists are often compared to each other, it sparks a rivalry that leads to unfriendliness and lots of public insults. Hence, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have never really been friendly toward each other, as they continue to compete for the number one female rapper spot.
Candyman: Urban Legend and True Story?
Horror movies have long made use of our deep, hidden fears and the existential dread a lot of us feel when watching our latest thrill seeking horror movies. Many horror films have delved into urban legends to stoke our deepest fears. From the slasher gore of films like “Scream” to bone-chilling terror of films like “The Grudge”. Urban legends are nightmare fuel.The tale of the Candyman starts in 1985. Clive Barker, creator of the “Hellraiser” series, originally created the character for a short story “The Forbidden”, which first introduced the gruesome Candyman to the horror genre.In 1992 the short-story would get it’s first film adaptation. In this rendition, the protagonist Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is a skeptic. The story goes that Daniel Robitaille, an African-American painter, was brutally murdered after he was discovered to be in an interracial affair. His absolutely brutal and unjust death is said to have unleashed a murderous and grotesque spirit that would appear if his name is said five time in a mirror. Her skepticism leads Helen to test the legend, and a series of brutal murders begin to take place.
An Inside look at Isaiah Stannard’s Career and Gender Identity
Isaiah Stannard is an American actor who rose to fame for his role as Ben Marks on on NBC’s runaway sensation Good Girls. Stannard got a start to his career as a voice actor, lending his voice to cartoons.  From there he would go on to dub translations for foreign films and TV shows such as the role of Young Carl Sagan in the film Star Stuff. He also landed several small parts in films including Party Dress and Brad’s Status.  Brad’s status saw him starring alongside big Jenna Fisher, Michael Sheen, Luke Wilson and Ben Stiller.
Why did Ari and Moneybagg Breakup?
Rapper Moneybagg Yo and social media influencer Ari Fletcher both found themselves in the public eye for reasons unrelated to their successful musical and business endeavors.
Noah Centineo Will be Back on Netflix with CIA Series, 'The Recruit'
Our Netflix boyfriend has returned (and in a brand new way). As a part of the new thriller series The Recruit, Noah Centineo will make a comeback to the medium that first made him famous. Netflix just unveiled information and the first image of The Recruit, the 26-year-old actor's entry into the action-thriller genre. about the series during its Annual Tudum event, despite the fact that it won't premiere until December 16.Consider Noah Centineo's upcoming film as a sequel to To All the Spies I've Flew Before. For The Recruit, Centineo is not only tackling the intense realm of spy games, but also donning his executive producer hat for the first time.
Cameron Crowe’s Grunge movie ‘Singles’ 30 Years Later and What Happened to The Cast
It’s been 30 years since director Cameron Crowe’s romantic comedy movie ‘Singles’ made it to the big screen. Intended as a snapshot of the nascent grunge scene in Seattle, the film featured Matt Dillon, Bridget Fonda, Campbell Scott, and Kyra Sedgwick.The movie centers around a small group of 20-somethings who happen to live in the same apartment building in Seattle, Washington- the grunge music capital of the world. Although it only had moderate success at the box office, the film received mostly positive reviews and has become somewhat of a cult film among '90s music fans.Although the music scene it documented and championed had since degenerated into the same rock n’ roll clichés it set out to destroy, the movie remains a pleasant throwback of what it meant to have come of age in the turbulent '90s. In celebration of the film's 30th year, here's a brief rundown of facts about the film, its actors, and what they are up to today.
Where Are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Now?
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are Hollywood sweethearts who dominated the industry in the 90s. The sisters, who are identical twins, were born on June 13th, 1986.The now 36-year-old twins were introduced to the industry at nine months when they were babies. They appeared in the sitcom Full House, which aired on television from 1987-1995. On the set of that show, producers exchanged them between episodes due to work regulations. As they grew up, the twins starred in more TV shows and sitcoms, including All My Children, Sister Sister, and So Little Time, which earned Mary-Kate a Daytime Emmy Award nomination. They also appeared in films like New York Minute, Passport to Paris, and When in Rome. Between 2001 and 2002, they also had an ABC children’s animated show called Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action,
Romeo and Juliet Spinoff "Rosaline" Set to Premier on Hulu This October
Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet will have 'a fresh and hilarious twist' in Disney+'s 'Rosaline,' which will start streaming on October 14.The story of the romantic comedy from 20th Century Studios is portrayed from the viewpoint of Rosaline, Romeo's current love interest and Juliet's cousin (Kaitlyn Dever). Rosaline hatches a plan to thwart the well-known romance and get her boyfriend back after she is devastated when Romeo (Kyle Allen) meets Juliet (Isabela Merced) and starts to pursue her.
What Should You Expect from Netflix TUDUM 2022
The primary livestream for TUDUM 2022 starts at 10 a.m. Pacific Time today, which is when the yearly Netflix event takes place. As the company prepares to share more information about new motion pictures and television programs, this Netflix celebration will take place across five events and several continents.Yesterday, September 23 at 7 p.m., the first of the five fan events for TUDUM 2022 got under way a little earlier, but the most of these were devoted to Korean and Indian film and television productions.
Kevin Hart Net Worth: Wealth, Career, and Life Before Fame
Kevin Hart, along with Dwayne Johnson, has been in some of the most successful action and comedy movies, like Central Intelligence and Jumanji II. He is part of the cast that makes a movie a hit at the box office.Just like everyone else, Kevin Hart also had a tough time before he became a successful one. Dwelling in despair and hopelessness, Kevin Hart found hope in comedy. Today, he is already a very different man from what he was decades ago. He was successful and able to live a luxurious life because he worked hard and had talent from birth.Thus, it raises these questions: what is the exact sum of his wealth? And what are the specific hardships that he underwent before he entered the realm of accomplishments? As you keep reading this article, you will find the answers to your questions and learn from Kevin's experiences.
Where is Brad Aldrich Now?
Bradley “Brad” Aldrich, a former American hockey player and current coach of the Blackhawks (a National Hockey League team from Michigan), was born on January 10, 1983, making him 39 years old. Since he was young, Brad has had a deep interest in hockey.
Dwayne Johnson Net Worth: How Rich is "The Rock"?
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was born on May 2, 1972, in Hayward, California, United States. The Rock was a natural-born athlete because he was exposed to the world of wrestling even though he was still young. His grandfather, Peter Maivia, or known as 'High Chief,' was in the wrestling world from 1960-1970.His father, Rocky Johnson, also known as 'Soulman', worked in the American regional wrestling circuit. His fame and eagerness to connect with people have built him a name in both the sports and entertainment industries.This article will let you take a closer look at The Rock's wealth, wrestling and acting career, and more that you didn't know about Dwayne Johnson.
Ray Liotta's Life, Hollywood Career, and Cause of Death
Hollywood reeled at the news of Ray Liotta's unexpected death on May 26, 2022. Liotta, best known for his role as Shoeless Joe Jackson in the movie 'Field of Dreams' and as Henry Hill in the Martin Scorcese gangster film 'Goodfellas,' is survived by his daughter actress Karsen Liotta from his previous marriage to Michelle Grace.Liotta left behind a diverse body of work that ranged from playing nice-guy roles to psychopathic characters and everything in between. He would even provide the voice for a popular video game character. Let's take a quick peek at the talented actor's career and private life and discover why his demise is a huge loss to the entertainment industry.
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