How to Get a 5-Star Character in Genshin Impact: Complete Guide
Action role-playing game Genshin Impact was created by Chinese studio miHoYo and released in 2020. The game has an open environment with an anime-style fighting system that includes elemental powers and character transformations. Although the game is free to play, it is supported by features found in gacha games that let players obtain new characters and weapons though the game currency -- primogems.
Who is Khaby Lame? What is He Up To Now?
Khaby Lame, a TikTok superstar and Instagram influencer rose to fame when he started making videos last March 2020. Amidst the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Khaby Lame made brilliant TikTok (silent) videos where he mocks people for making simple things complicated.
30 Funniest Amazon Reviews That Deserve An Award
Shopping online has now become more and more popular because of fast transactions, more efficient methods of payments, and other known convenience.Little did we know that it could also serve as a form of online entertainment. Apparently, you can now read Amazon reviews during your leisure time and be rewarded a good laugh!The following are the best of the best Amazon Reviews that are so funny, they deserve an award!
Got Shadowbanned on TikTok? Here's How to Get Unshadowbanned!
Do you think you were shadowbanned on TikTok?Shadowbanning is when TikTok censors your content so that only your followers can see it. This is different from being banned, which would mean that your account is completely removed from the app.There are many reasons why an account gets shadowbanned. It could be because of something you said in a video, or because TikTok thinks you're spamming the app.Whatever the reason, it's frustrating when you suddenly stop getting views and comments on your videos.Luckily, if you think you were shadowbanned, there are a few things you can do to try and get unshadowbanned.
Top 8 Ways to Make Money on TikTok!
Are you a TikTok user who's thinking of making money off your account? If so, you're in luck!There are a number of ways you can make money on TikTok, from brand deals to affiliate links to merchandise sales. It almost seems like there's no end to what you can earn from social media these days.Here are a few methods you can use to earn some money using Tiktok.
Can You See Who Views Your TikTok?
Are you interested in knowing who views your TikTok videos? If you are, you're not alone. In fact, many TikTok users are curious about this as well.Unfortunately, there is no surefire way to tell who views your TikTok videos. TikTok does not publicly release this information to users.However, there are a few methods you can use to try to figure out who views your TikTok videos. We'll go over some of these methods below!
How to Remove TikTok Watermark: 5 Best Apps and Sites!
Did you find a great video on TikTok and would like to share it with your friends without letting them know where you got it? Or maybe you have an account on TikTok and want to post your own video to other social media sites but don't want to show your TikTok username. Whatever your reason is, there are many instances when it's helpful to know how to remove the TikTok watermark.Thankfully, there are a few different ways that you can remove the TikTok watermark, depending on what devices and software you're using.This article will tell you how to remove the TikTok watermark quickly and easily!
When's the Best Time to Post on TikTok? You'll Be Surprised!
If you're hoping to make it big on TikTok, it's extremely helpful to know the best practices for using the app.Things like using the right hashtags, selecting the correct filters, and even posting at the best time may seem simple, but they can help make or break your TikTok career.In this article, we'll find out when the best time to post on TikTok is!
What Exactly Does ‘Sheesh’ Mean on Tiktok? ‘Sheesh’ Explained!
If you’re part of the slightly older generation (think, millennials or older) you probably think of “sheesh” just like any other expression.In fact, it’s been used since the 1900s to express someone’s annoyance, disappointment, or even surprise – at least, that’s according to the dictionary definition on Merriam Webster.However, for Gen Z, the word seems to have taken a brand new meaning.You can see this on TikTok. “Sheesh” is now used to express a whole new slew of emotions. Some use it to express their cringe, others use it to show excitement, while others say “sheesh” in order to brag about something.The way it’s said on TikTok is a bit different too. Nowadays, it’s said in a loud voice and with a high pitch: “SHEEEEESH.”
The Fabulous Life Of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, And 32 Things You Didn’t Know About Him
E-commerce pioneer, retail entrepreneur, investor, best known as the founder of Amazon, the everything store, Jeff Bezos, was born Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 12, 1964. He’s ultra-driven and hyper-intelligent, but are still things about him that blow our minds. Here are 32 of the most intriguing facts about Jeff Bezos.
The Artist Who Spent 10 Years Mastering Microsoft Paint To Illustrate His Book
Turns out, sometimes our resistance to learn something new and master a new skill can lead to something pretty amazing. Pat Hines, who couldn’t be bothered to learn Photoshop and illustrated his ebook using good old Microsoft Paint, is the proof. That’s why when it came to choosing the program to create illustrations for his novel Camp Redblood And The Essential Revenge, he looked no further and just went for something he was already good at.If you still have doubts about Hines using some other program, he suggests you to either download the pictures, and zoom in for a closer look, or go to his Deviantart page where he documents how he makes similar art in step-by-step pics
This 18-Year-Old Amazed Everyone By Making The Same Outfit She Wore To The Prom For Her Dog
Meet these two prom queens, an 18-year-old from Florida, Brenda Sierra, and her 7-year-old rescue dachshund, Sasha. Together they just made headlines when Brenda and Sasha showed up at the prom in matching outfits!“Anywhere that a dog is allowed, I bring her,” Brenda said. And there certainly aren’t any rules against taking your wiener-dog to the prom. So, with the extra fabric from her hemmed dress and a hot-glue gun, Brenda made Sasha a matching prom outfit.
The Couple That Proves Love Is Not About How Much You Weigh But Who You Are!
Another day, another story. When someone called this teenage girl fat, her boyfriend had the best reaction along with many people on twitter. After posting some of the graduation photos online, she got a mean comment on twitter from a person she doesn't even know and things only got better after that. Congratulations for sticking up for her!👏
17 Hottest Twins On Instagram That'll Make You Look 'Twice'!
Have you ever wondered how it would be like to have a very sexy partner if you don't already? Well, even if you do or don't, Imagine there being two of those sexy people? Now, isn't that a twist? Imagine your bf drooling over the other sibling, I mean, would that make you uncomfortable? Or should it at all make you uncomfortable? Well, that's something nice to worry about when you have a sexy partner, I guess. In this list, we put together the hottest instagram twins!
This Porn Site User Comments On The Sheets Used In The Videos And We Can't Stop Laughing!
People once claimed to read Playboy “for the articles,” and now it looks like they’re watching Pornhub “for the sheets.”No, seriously! There is actually a Pornhub user who goes by the name of BedSheetsRater, and he comments on the linens featured in the videos. The genius account was discovered by Bryan Clark at The Next Web, who happened upon it when he was perusing the site purely for science. The internet is truly a wondrous and perfect place.
A New Way Of Playing Hide And Seek: Where Is The Hidden Dildo?
A few years back, Dominyka Jurkštaitė, and some friends started a rather unique game called Subtle Dildo. The idea was simple, some guys hid a dildo in various pictures and it was your job to find it as quickly as possible. Think Where's Waldo, but for grown-ups.Well since then, they've created a whole bunch of new challenges, and with an Instagram following of over 32k, they're clearly popular among a niche crowd of dildo spotters. Feeling like you might rise to the challenge? Then check out the pictures below. Be warned's harder than it looks!If you want to check out more photos, you can follow then on their Instagram page.
15 Photos From An Instagram Account That Causes Temporary Memory Loss If You Keep Looking!
The photographs below are from an account called itsminagerges, followed by thousands of people on Instagram. You are already familiar with the reasons behind this intense pursuit. It is not so easy to understand how an admiration for famous women brings a person to this point. But ultimately, it happened. To give some interesting information about the costumes used in photographs; we can say that they are shower curtains, play-doh, etc. But we don't know what we can say for the rest of it. Just don't look at them for a long time ...
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