How Was Netflix's 'The Sandman' Different From the Comics
Netflix's 'The Sandman,' an adaptation of the acclaimed comic book series created by Neil Gaiman, spent a full month at the top of the streaming service's lineup. It's since lost its spot, but the impression made by Gaiman's dreamworld was lasting. Many people are now turning to the comics, dismayed by the network's silence on the show's renewal, while old fans of the series dig out their timeworn copies.
An Artist Drew Comics About Her Life And The Struggles Of Being A Tall Girl!
Cheyan Lefebvre is a graphic designer and illustrator. She started her comic blog Tall N Curly back in 2012 to tell her story as a tall and curly-haired girl. She told that she wanted to create some space in her life for something creative that had nothing to do with her work. 'By doing so, I realized I was telling the story of so many other women. Women, who, just like me, want and need to be reminded that it's OK, fun and even special to be different and to own who they are'.More info: Her website
Motherception! Photographer Mom Portrays Son And Herself In Various Layers Through Years!
Taiwan-based photographer Annie Wang captured her son growing up and creates her series 'The Mother As A Creator'. She says, 'The Mother is like an artist doing her work while calling upon her own wisdom. The Mother not only creates a life but also creates continually a continuous and fluid matrix of experience between Mother and Child. Here I take a family photograph each year of my son and myself, and then the next year, take another image of us in front of the previous picture.”Enjoy!
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