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18 Common Features of Girls Who Find Themselves Ugly
You did definitely come across to girl who finds herself ugly at a stage of your life. You know those girls, who say 'don't be stupid, I am ugly',  who drop a hint about them being ugly by saying that 'I wish I'd be prettier'. You get embarrassed and say 'don't be ridiculous, I think you are pretty as a matter of course' but they keep insisting 'like I never saw a pretty girl' with a giggly tone. Here we searched, collected and put all common features of these girls together.
When Your Cardboard Cutout Has A Better Birthday Than You!
This guy had his birthday weekend recently, and his friends organized a kick-ass trip for him. However, Kevin's fiancee didn't allow him to go on this trip. If only she knew what Kevin's friends had in mind...Oh boy, oh boy...His friends made a cardboard cutout of him, and still celebrated his birthday. The result is more than hilarious! We can guarantee that cardboard Kevin had a better birthday than most of us, for sure!
9 Must-See Aamir Khan Movies
Starting a new relationship soon? Better watch these and increase your 'cool' points first! All jokes aside, Amir Khan's movies are wildly popular and we've got the starter 9 pack for you here!
14 Things to Learn from Babies
Our relationship with babies is actually mutual. They teach us as much as we teach them, if we can realize it. For those who do not, here are 14 things to learn from them.
20 Instagram Guys Who Are Way Too Hot To Handle
WARNING +18If you have any heart problems, we warn you to not check this list ;) As we said they are too hot to handle.These are the hottest guys to add to your Instagram feed right now!
15 Characteristics of Meryl Streep Type Girlfriend
She is not only a great actress but also an amazing role-model for every women. The perfect balance in between her job, family and personal life is admirable. These are some reasons that Meryl Streep type woman is our favorite girlfriend type.
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