16 Important Life Lessons We All Should Learn Praying Mantis!


They might look scary as hell but actually they are very wise and have lots of skills. Stop cringing, start learning!

1. They never waste food. They are as hip as your next door neighbor trying to recycle everything!

2. They are brave warriors. They teach us how to be strong and fierce when needed!

3. "Never back down" is their motto!

4. They follow their dreams even if they end in vain. Choose your own path they say...

5. They are hard workers and they survive in almost every condition. Time to stand on your own feet!

6. Patience...Discipline...Waiting for the right moment...

7. They can spread their legs to make them look bigger and scarier. Think outside the box!

8. After mating, the female eats the male's head. Not sure what to learn from this one. Eat my own head you say?!

9. They are the only insects who can turn their head vertically. Never miss a thing, always be on the lookout!

10. Some scientists say they are unique enough to have their on category! Be yourself and stick to it!

11. Female praying mantises are bigger and more powerful. Their existence is a threat to patriarchy.

12. They support organic farming by eating harmful insects. They guard and support organic food. Total hipsters...

13. Their skinny and delicate look hides their strength. Don't forget, looks might be deceiving...

They look skinny yet still very classy.

14. They have lots of enemies! Always watch your back and tread lightly...

15. There is a martial art named after them. This is a huge success!

16. They are on fire! The importance of ambition and excitement...

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