Top 30 Asian Movies For Romantic Comedy Lovers
While Asian cinema was once considered to be only Chinese kung fu movies and Japanese horror films in the Western imagination, some of the best Asian films in recent years have actually been romantic comedies. Asian cinema is certainly rising in popularity in the U.S. If you're looking for romance Korean movies, Asian comedy movies or Thai romantic comedy movies(even Chinese!) you're at right place. You can find the best Asian movies for romantic comedy lovers. Ranging from young love to old love to unconventional love, there's something for everyone on this list, and it's all guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
10 People Who Claim To Have Had Sex With Aliens
There are many people who claim to have gotten in contact with aliens and their numbers are increasing. But the people who are included in our list are probably the most outstanding because what they're saying is beyond our imagination.
Can We Guess Your Sex Life From The Shape Of Your Hand?
The way we walk, we talk, we eat, basically everything we do says a lot about us. But can our physical body give away information about us as well? The answer is yes! In this test, we're telling you what kind of a person you are in bed according to your hand shape.
33 Movies That'll Bring Out The Hopeless Romantic In You!
If you forgot to make dinner reservations for Valentine's Day this year, don't worry — there are plenty of other ways to create romance.  You can just cook and watch a romantic movie together.Since no one wants to sit through 'The Notebook' again, we've put together a list of great romantic movies that everyone will enjoy.
11 Solid Reasons Why You Should Date A Woman With No Feelings!
There's a special subset of women who get a bad rep because they're not the bubbly, outwardly girly, let’s-share-our-feelings type of characters. They largely keep to themselves, don't show much affectation and are frequently written off as cold b.tches by other women and men.These ladies, however, are anything but heartless brutes. In fact, they possess a much deeper, purer kind of character because it's kept hidden from view so often. These are the women who deal with their problems on their own and don't like going to people when they're upset.Here are the 11 good qualities of unemotional women, which make them ideal partners:
12 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were Syrian
Millions of people have had to migrate from Syria since 2011. It was a country that people had to migrate from because of wars and other reasons in the past. So we collected 12 celebrities that you’ll be surprised to know that they were Syrians.
10 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself
Some things are better left unsaid. If you share everything about yourself with others, it might confuse them. No one likes a person who is constantly bragging about their life choices. It's not wrong to keep some things inside.
15 Interesting Facts About Violence That You've Never Heard Before
Are people naturally violent?  Maybe.. Can we say that animals use violence while killing other animals to survive? Maybe..It's only possible to answer these questions if the idea of violence between the different and same species is clear. As there are many things that we don’t know about violence, there are other facts that we know for sure. Here are the 15 of them:
Do Geniuses Have Fewer Friends?
Are you one of those people who say “Why do I even have friends?” when you're blamed for being too distant?Is it more pleasing to spend time alone instead of going out with your friends?According to a newly established study, your desire to be alone might be because you're intellectually gifted. Here are the details, with the contributions of Vice:
17 Disadvantages Of Being Intelligent!
“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds,” said Einstein once.Being intelligent is the only obstacle before being peaceful and happy. What do you think?
25 Reasons To Stick To A Man With Hooded Eyes
Don’t accept these eyes as just a physical feature that adds an impressive look, charisma, sexuality and many other things to a man. Those hooded eyes have more than that, believe me.
27 Useful Pieces Of Advice To Up Your Sex Game!
Talking about sex is as important as doing it. If you want to improve your sex life for the better, the following pieces of advice will surely help you!  Life is all about learning new things!😏
What Women Really Mean By "Okay..."
We hope this will be a helpful guide for men, too. These are the meanings of the word “okay” you are bound to hear in different situations.
18 Things That Perfectly Explain "Bromance!"
We call the love of two or more guy friends a “bromance.” It’s the combination of the words brother and romance and it’s often seen in a close friend group of guys. The time they spend with each other can’t even compare to the time they spend with their family and girlfriend. They even hang out with each other when they have time off from work.
17 Things Lazy Couples Love Doing
When two lazy people come together, their laziness doesn't add up, but instead multiplies. But isn't it super amazing to find someone that even just being lazy with is fun?
15 Legit Disadvantages Of Guys With Big D!
According to previous studies, the average penis size is approximately 13 centimeters (~5 inches). We don't know why men declare themselves as 'Heroes' when they have a larger member. Actually, having a big penis is more problematic than you think. Let's have a look at the daily life struggles.
7 Sound Reasons To Marry A Photographer!
A photographer's relationship status is usually not so important. If they're seeing someone, it's ok, if not, they'll just go out and keep doing more photoshoots. All he/she cares about is Adobe Photoshop! But photographers are much more special than you'd think. Here we give you 7 solid reasons to marry/date a photographer!