10 Things To Compare The Youth Now With The Youth Then


People like to criticize people because of their age even if they're 5 years younger. As this gap increases, the level of criticizing also increases. Almost no grown up likes youngsters. We have to see this as self-criticism. Here are some of the things adults have to think before they start criticizing.

''Young people now admire other young children''

The biggest reason why adults look down on the people that the young generation likes is their age. They see these new celebrities as children.

1. All the stars of each period started young.

Justin Timberlake was 14 when he started his career with N Sync, Nick Carter was 14 as well when he started with Backstreet Boys, Lee Ryan of Blue was 17-years-old when he became famous. People like Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, and Rihanna were only 16 when they made their first hits. Adults today were younger than them back then and thought they were old. This is just an illusion.

''Young people today are really disrespectful'.'


They have attitudes that adults don't like. They don't respect them because of their age.

2. Young people never get along well with adults in any period.


Is there an adult who didn't have a problem with grown-ups when he/she was younger? We doubt it.

''Young people today are addicted to telephone. It's always in their hands'.'


Young people are always with their phones at home, school, in the streets, and this is annoying, right?

3. Every young person follows the trend of his/her period. That's all.


The young people who didn't listen to the teachers and wrote notes to each other in class, played games on the computer if they had one at home, chatted on MSN or ICQ have become the adults of our days. If you look at it, even old people have their phones in their hands all the time.

"Young people wear ridiculous clothes."

Ripped pants, baggy clothes, combinations that are made with unmatching clothes like homeless people... The fashion of the youth is really interesting.

4. Adults have never liked young people's clothes.

Adults don't even like the clothes they used to wear when they were young. What is fashion today is not fashion tomorrow; that's the rule.

"They exaggerate the admiration thing."


Selenators, Beliebers... The youth is just crazy!

5. We watched people on magazine programs crying for Michael Jackson, Madonna, New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, N Sync, Blue, Britner Spears, and Tokio Hotel.


Exaggerating the admiration is not a thing of the youth today. That's how it's always been.

"Young people don't seem to care about life, they don't have a world-view."


All their worry is their social media account, friendships, and their romantic relations. It seems like they're not preparing themselves for real life.

6. Most people's world-view shape after they come of age.


If they weren't raised in a problematic environment and don't have an exceptional life story, every youngster's problems shape around themselves. Generally, their world-view comes to being after high school, during university years.

"All their problem is love. They experience some things at an early age. They're all after relationships."


Many people think the agenda of the youth is their love life. They're fast compared to their age and will have lots of time to have relationships in the future.

7. Loving and flirting are feelings that are most felt when we're young.


Maybe the way of doing it seems weird but people kept in touch with their partners by writing letters and later on sending SMS, so it's quite normal for people to do the same thing through social media. Exaggerations happen in every period but flirting is the nicest when you're young.

"Young girls put too much makeup on, they look older than they actually are."


The biggest problem of young girls is their hair and makeup. They should be focusing on their lessons, not other things.

8. Young people having interest in adult lives is not something new.


Only the possibilities changed. In every period, there were young girls using their mothers' makeup materials and doing their makeup in the school's bathroom.

"They don't have a plan for the future."


They don't know what they want to be when they grow up. They don't know what they're good at.

9. Not having goals at an early age is a problem of education and the society.


Not everybody has their future planned at an early age. Adults have to think how many of their friends had a future plan when they were at middle or high school and how many of them actually succeeded.

"Young people don't understand the adults. They don't even try to."


They're rebellious and careless. They don't know anything about life yet talk about it as if they know everything and never listen to the experiences of adults, right?

10. Young people haven't experienced adulthood yet, but adults experienced how it is to be young.


That's why adults have to understand them. If adults remembered what they used to think about the people who were trying to give them advice when they were young, things would be different.

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