12 Reasons To Seriously Consider Nurses As Romantic Partners!


Nurses are known for their extensive medical knowledge, amazing ability to solve complex issues and their caring nature. In fact, a marriage with a nurse is like winning the jackpot at the lottery or bingo and you get a payout that will have more benefits than money could ever buy! Want to know why? Take a look at these reasons below.

1. They're intelligent, understanding and caring.

Nurses deal with a fair share of medical emergencies throughout their life. They know exactly when circumstances are calamitous and when not. This is an amazing quality everyone seeks in their relationship because drama is the last thing anyone wants while dating.

2. They’re great teammates.

Nurses are used to sharing tasks and rewards in a team setting. They will be a true partner to you as a spouse as well.

3. They can create order out of chaos.

One of the duties of a nurse is to triage issues and create organization. This comes in very handy when it comes to running a household.

4. Their experience make them medical experts at home.

Their training and knowledge come to the rescue when there is a medical emergency at home. They understand the importance of a balanced diet and medical checkups. So, dear partner, sit back and relax, for your health is in the right hands.

5. Your family members would love them.

They would like the idea of having a medical expert in the family.

6. They are hardworking and they can multitask.

They worked hard to get their degrees, and now toil at work every day. So expect them to be strong partners dealing with so much stuff at the same time, without creating any chaos.

7. They are incredibly patient.

Part of a nurse’s job is helping people get through uncomfortable situations. It takes a lot of patience to deal with patients that don’t handle it well.

8. Good Sense of Humor.

They encounter many different things at work they often wished they didn’t see. Humor is one of the ways they tackle these uncomfortable situations. And this quality is important for any relationship, as you will face difficulties with a little bit of humor and fun.

9. They can save your furniture from renegade children.

Nurses are masters at getting exotic stains out of their scrubs each week. After dealing with the types of stains they’re used to, removing a little grape juice on the couch will be a breeze!

10. People will actually be jealous of you if you date a nurse.

Being a nurse is still considered to be sexy by most people and not to mention that they are known to be compassionate. So prepare for jealous looks.

11. They work in shifts.

Yes, it is hard and mostly challenging but it also breaks the routine in a relationship.

12. They know what to do when kids are crying.

The sound of children crying is completely normal for them. Tantrums? There’s nothing their solid approach can’t handle. Go ahead and imagine your family together because you know you’re dating an awesome parent-to-be.

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