Here Are The Most Preferred Sex Positions Across The US And Europe!

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Feeling a bit adventurous lately? If you’re fed up with your own predictability in bed, we have a couple of new moves for you to try out. This post is about a survey, but we’re pretty sure you’ll use science for your own benefit again. So here we go anyway.


Dr.Ed conducted a survey with 2,000 people in both the US and Europe about their favorite sexual position.

Participants were asked about what they’d like to try, given the chance, and where exactly they learned their friskiest moves.

When they looked at respondents’ favorite positions in bed, they found out that a little over 35 percent preferred doggy style.

Missionary position was also a fan favorite, with nearly 23 percent of survey takers picking this sexual position.

"Almost 20 percent of respondents admitted to having a soft spot for the cowgirl position. While this position also offers deeper penetration, it gives women a little more control over speed, depth, and rhythm of motion. Other preferred positions included 69, reverse cowgirl, and oral sex.”

However, sex and sexual preferences aren’t the same for men and women.

The choices of men and women vary significantly based on the position and who’s in control. But among those 2,000 people who participated, both genders agreed that doggy style was their favorite position. While men were more inclined toward the cowgirl position, women picked the missionary position as their second favorite.

When it came to sexual orientation, respondents were mostly inclined to agree on their favorite position.

Now let’s look at favorite positions by country

“Breaking down favourite sex positions by country, we found that doggy style was popular in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Romania, and the United States. Cowgirl was popular in Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium, and holding legs up was a favourite in Hungary and Portugal. Only Poland listed spooning as a preferred position.”

Positions that respondents most want to try

“While tabletop came in as the overall least prefered position listed by survey respondents, almost 20 percent told us it was the position they most wanted to try. The 69 standing up position, kneeling wheelbarrow, and anal sex also ranked as positions respondents wanted to test out."

Positions that respondents most want to try by gender

“... men most often voted for the 69 position while standing up. This position can be a bit tricky to pull off for some, but it is certainly one of the most intimate ways to provide oral sex. Men also listed anal as a position they wanted to try. At the same time, anal was not listed as a position that female respondents were interested in exploring.
Women surveyed were most interested in the tabletop position. As an elevated form of missionary, tabletop provides a unique take on a classic position. The kneeling wheelbarrow and 69 standing up were also voted as positions women were desirous to explore.”

Positions that respondents most want to try by sexual orientation

“Straight, bisexual, or gay, survey respondents were mostly curious about the same positions.
They agreed that tabletop, 69 standing up, kneeling wheelbarrow, and reverse cowgirl were escapades they most wanted to explore. Standing during intercourse was also voted by bisexual and gay respondents as particularly intriguing. No one ever said you needed the bed (or bedroom) for a successful physical connection.”

Positions that respondents most want to try by country

“Keeping it simple, survey respondents from the U.K., Germany, Italy, and Portugal all voted the tabletop position as one they’d most like to try. Respondents from Spain and the Netherlands were a bit more daring, listing 69 standing up as their pick. Participants from Austria and Switzerland, on the other hand, told us anal was the sexual experience they were most interested in attempting (despite being much more popular with men than women).
Romanians listed sex while holding legs up as the most coveted position, while the Polish were curious about 69.”

They also asked the respondents where they learn about new positions

“Pornography makes up a pretty big percentage of it. Over 30 percent of all data transferred across the internet is used for porn. Unsurprisingly, when we asked men where they learned about new sex positions, over 53 percent cited porn as their inspiration. A majority of female survey takers told us they learned new positions from a partner.”

And the last questions is...

Over 75 percent of men said they are the ones more likely to want to try a new position, while nearly 59 percent of women admitted that their partners usually initiate a change.

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