15 Characteristics Of A Truly Good Person!

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Yes, you know that kind and positive friend with a sensitive, gentle soul who can never be mad at anyone or hold grudges. Their face is the mirror of their beautiful heart and they seem like they are on some special mission to spread the goodness on earth... 😊

1. They are ingenuous people who never hold grudges.

Even when someone does something bad to them, they forget about it the next day.

2. They are warmhearted people who care about their friends.

They value their friendships way too much to lose over a stupid fight.

3. They are born to help others. And they genuinely enjoy it.

They feel guilty if they fail someone who needs help, as if it's their duty.

4. They are forgiving people who can't stay mad. Sometimes they already forgive you before you apologize.

5. They leave their ego outside while making decisions. They are great empathizers.

6. They can laugh off the most inappropriate jokes. They won't get offended...

7. They cheer everyone up in a nervous situation.

8. They consider their friends' troubles as their own, and do their best to solve them.

9. And they are genuinely happy (Not Jealous!) when their friends succeed.

10. They are cheerful people. You can always see them smiling among other people.

11. They don't like to bother others with their problems. Instead, they try to cover them with a smile.

12. Although other people don't see it, they might be suffering from a crazy emotional storm inside. They bottle up their negative feelings.

13. Sometimes, giving a sincere hug is enough to cheer them up.

14. Even if you break their heart, they won't easily show it so they can keep you from feeling bad about it.

15. But if you cross all the lines and manage to break their heart really bad, they might leave your life quietly without you even noticing it.

Don't break their heart...  Cause, they really have a heart of gold😌😌

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