Elizabeth Klarer: The Woman Who Claims To Have Had Sex With An Alien

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The near past is full of people who claim to have communicated with aliens. And some of them did not just communicate. We made a post before about 10 people who claimed to have sex with aliens and Elizabeth Klarer is one of the people who took it further than communicating with aliens. She even wrote two books about what had happened in detail. Let's check out her story.

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Elizabeth Klarer is a South African woman born in 1910.


When she was 7 years old, she claimed that she had made her first contact with the aliens with her sister while on the farm. According to their statement, they saw a space craft flying around that looked like a meteor.

Klarer, who was very interested in the sky, focused on this field since she studied art and music in Florence.


She studied meteorology at Cambridge University and learned to use light-duty vehicles.

The books she read on aliens at that time made Klarer aware of something.


After reading these books, she realized that she had received telepathic messages from a friendly alien named Akon since childhood.

In 1956, Klarer talked to Akon and made him land on earth.


Then the woman, who got into the vehicle, went to Meton, Akon's own planet. According to what she claimed, Meton was in Alpha Centauri, one of the nearest neighbors of our solar system.

The couple, who liked each other very much, decided to engage in sexual intercourse.


After this relationship, Klarer became pregnant and gave a birth to a boy. This child, called Ayling, remained on the planet Meton in order to receive education, and Klarer returned to Earth.

All this travel, sex, pregnancy, and returning home lasted only 4 months.

Twenty-three years after the event, Klarer published a book called Beyond The Light Barrier and included her space exploration the in detail.

After the first book became very popular, she began to write the second book.

She couldn't complete the book because of her death at the age of 84 due to breast cancer. The book's title was The Gravity File and she tried to explain in detail the electro-gravity propulsion technology that Akon used.

Another of Klarer's striking claims was that there was a base for Akon and his people in Antarctica.


Apart from that, she also included the photographs of the spacecraft and Akon's description in her book. If you want to read the book, you can find the pdf version here.

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