15 Table Manners Tips You Have To Know And Implement


In some countries, table manners are taught to children at a very early age and are taken very seriously. Lots can go wrong while eating and these tips can help you not embarrass yourself, friends, or family.

There are many fine details that we didn't know when it comes to table manners. So, we have compiled some easy rules to obey at the table for you!

1. Let's start with how you should sit.


You have to sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table.

2. We put the napkin on our knees.


It isn't OK to wear it on your collar. 

You don't wipe your mouth with this napkin but put it on your lips softly and gently.

And after the meal, you have to fold it nicely and put it somewhere suitable.

3. We start eating together.


We can start eating only after everybody has been served their food. This isn't only valid for the main course, but for all off them.

4. You shouldn't add salt or pepper to your food before tasting it first.


Salt and paper shakers are always together. When asked for one of them you should provide both of them.

5. You should hold your wine glasses from the neck part.


The glass on the left side is for water and the one on the right side is for wine.

6. Don't underestimate spoons!


No matter which spoon it is, you should always hold it in your right hand. After serving its purpose a spoon should never be put back on the table or somewhere around the plate.

You should put your spoon in the plate or the bowl, once you are done using it.

7. And about the forks and knives...


If you aren't using your fork with a knife you have to hold it in your right hand. Eating with your left hand is only allowed when your right hand is already full.

Taking your knife into your mouth is a big no-no. You should place your fork and knife at the center of your plate once you are done with them.

8. Don't eat in a hurry.


It isn't OK to first cut all of your food into smaller pieces and then eat these pieces right after each other. You should cut one piece, eat it, and cut another one.

9. No slurping or blowing with the soup.


One spoon of soup shouldn't be eaten twice. The soup left at the bottom of the bowl shouldn't be attempted to be finished.

10. The last slice of the bread in the breadbasket.


You can't take the last slice without offering it to other guests first. You never bite the bread, but instead, tear a bite-size part and take it to your mouth.

11. No knives with salad!


Instead, you should eat your salad with your fork in small-size bites.

12. We invite the spoon to join the fork while eating spaghetti.


It is wrong to cut long pasta types with a knife. You should stick your fork in the pasta and organize it in the spoon.

13. Lots of fork and knife action while eating fish.


The fish should be first separated from its skeleton by using knife and fork, and then eaten with a fork.

14. Before taking food to your own plate, offer it to other people first.


This is the kind way of doing it. Also, while passing food you should always pass it to the person to your right.

15. A cup of tea would be awesome after a nice meal!


Don't blow your tea even if it is hot. Resist.

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