13 Reasons You Feel “Defeated” When You Declare Your Love

13 Reasons You Feel “Defeated” When You Declare Your Love

Elsa Quartet
January 19 2017 - 12:35pm

This is not the age of innocence… And if there is one thing that is spoiled the most by the cruelty of our age, it’s probably love. Mind games, unfaithfulness, unwillingness to make an effort because you think it’s not worth it, or simply: fear… We think you should hold on to your truest feelings, though, once you understand why it’s so difficult to embrace them. We came up with 13 reasons we feel defeated when we declare our love before the other person so that it gets easier to figure out what is so damn hurtful about living our life after we declare our love.

1. First of all, when you declare your love before the other person, it gets difficult to figure out their true feelings.

2. As we stated above, this is not the age of innocence! You know that love can turn into a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands…

And knowing this makes you feel defeated even before nothing really happens.

3. Because once you express your weakness, you become aware that you’re now on an irreversible path.

4. And you probably expect that the other person may even exploit your feelings…

5. You know that you have to be careful about your attitude and every word that comes out of your mouth from then on.

6. And you are aware that you have to pay attention to every move of the other side. Sometimes a single word can ruin everything. Or, of course, it can make things wonderful!

You feel like you are now walking on broken glass. Who wouldn’t feel defeated?

7. You try to make yourself accept the fact that the feelings may not be mutual at all, which makes you feel defeated even more.

8. The sleepless nights that you spend with the endless questions in your mind following the announcement of your love don’t allow you to pull yourself together.

9. The other person knows that your love makes it hard to say “no” to anything, and this gives them a great deal of freedom.

And there comes the chaos…

10. When you look at yourself, you realize that you are now approaching suspiciously to every move of the other side, and you realize that you have no peace.

11. Despite all your negative feelings, you never give up trying to make an effort, but the fact that it may not be worth the effort also deeply hurts you.

12. The most difficult part is, you witness everyday that they’re capable of enjoying their life with or without you.

13. Although things get in the way sometimes, love is mostly unrequited. And this is a bitter pill to swallow...

However, this doesn’t mean you should live in pain and feel hopeless. As a wise person once said: Love actually, is all around!

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