You Can Detect The Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water!


Everybody believes in something even if that belief could be stated in a form negated sentence. We don't know if you are one of those who believes in the concept of 'negative energy,' but the number of people who do is pretty high. Assuming that there are indeed negative energies around us, different detection techniques have been offered. Today, we are going to talk about the easiest one: how to detect negative energies using only a glass of water.

Some people believe that we send certain energies to the places we live.

Especially our houses are a complete chaos of energies. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions create different types of energies, which in turn attract similar energies. Also, other people that come into your home can bring their positive and negative energies.

It is thought that these negative energies affect our mood.

Cumulative negative energies can cause pessimistic thoughts and this can be quite stressing. What is worse is that these energies linger where they have settled unless you remove them.

Negative energies are very well capable of affecting every part of your life.

Problems in relationships, you turning into a more difficult person, making wrong decisions, etc. Eventually, you end up feeling tense, tired and fragile; and even lose your joy of life. That's why you should regularly remove the negative energies from your home.

Let's see how you can detect the negative energies.

Marino Bravo, who has done studies on this subject, gives us a quite practical and easy tip: all you need to do is take a see-through glass, fill one-third of it with sea salt. You add water to the half of the remaining empty part and white vinegar in the other half.

Once your mix is ready, you should leave the glass in a room that you think has negative energy.

There are some words of caution on this particular step: you have to put the glass in a hidden place, leave it there for a whole day, and never ever move it during these 24 hours. Afterward, you go and check your glass and if it looks exactly the same as how you have originally left it, it means that there are no negative energies in that room.

However, if you see something else going on in the glass, be it a bubble or another formation, it means that there are indeed negative energies in that particular room.

And what you should do if this is the case is keep doing the same thing from the scratch. Your mix will attract the negative energies to itself and clear them eventually to some extent. It will be more useful if you pour the old solution in the glass somewhere outside of your house.

In short, if you think that the negative energies are indeed a thing, it can only do you good to try to clear your home off them using what other believers use.

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