10 Rare, Very Rare Types of Women To Keep An Eye On!


There are tons of clichés around the world about women. You wait for them to get ready for hours, they spend at least 4 hours shopping, etc. Having said all these, we give you 10 rare women who do not fall into these categories.

1. The woman who uses anti-aging products happily.

A billion-dollar industry. All the women have at least 45 different products sitting on their nightstand or in the bathroom. They all use different types of anti-aging products and almost all of them agree they never work. However, the women who use anti-aging products regularly and benefits from them are pretty rare. For sure!

2. The woman who buys the first thing she tries on.

Let’s say she needs a simple sweater. Even if 100 different experts and a massive jury tells her the one she tried looks great, she still wants to see other options. She goes on and tries 10 more, only to go back to the first one. As a result, the one who buys the first sweater straight ahead is like the warm sun in the north pole.

3. The woman who has no water on her desk.

Even though most forget they are even thirsty, there is always a bottle or a glass of water sitting on their desk. The woman who does NOT have water at her desk, is rare for sure.

4. The punctual woman who arrives in exactly 15 minutes!

In order for this to be real in general, women have to be already there. If they are coming from some other place, oh boy oh boy…BUT, the woman who says she’ll be there in 15 and gets there in 15 is a true keeper.

5. The woman who is pleased with the menu.

The ideal scenario:

-         Hi do you have Caesar Salad?

-         Yes, ma'am we do.

-         Perfect. I’ll have one and a diet coke, please.

What really happens:

-         Hi do you have Caesar Salad?

-         Yes, ma'am we do.

-         Ok I’ll have one, but use this kind of lettuce, and do not pour any dressing on the croutons. Actually do no use that dressing at all, use honey mustard instead. You know what, just bring the dressing on its own and I’ll do that myself. Do not use olive oil, it gives me stomachache. Use either fully organic carrot oil or bring it on the side as well. Switch tomato with pickles and olives. That’ll be all, thanks!

-         …

6. The woman who is always warm.

This is the most delicate entry on this list, but it’s biological, so we can cut you some slack on this. However, if you find one who never gets cold, KEEP HER!

7. The woman who never goes through ALL of her clothes when buying something new!

Let’s face it. A woman NEVER buys something to wear it on its own. It needs to go with 98 different things she owns. First, she goes through her wardrobe bit by bit, thinking about which would go with what and THEN she starts trying things on. If she buys a sweater, just with pure instinct, hang on to her.

8. The one who prepares little surprises for you.

This is usually a ‘guy’ move, but sometimes, SOME women prepare surprises for their partners, too. Although we would be lying if we say they do a good job with with surprises, a woman full of them is always good to have.

9. The one who says ‘I’ll be out in 10.’ And gets ready in 10!

This is a true miracle!

10. The woman who can surprise you with the gift she chooses.

Women are usually not so great about buying a gift that makes you go ‘HOOOOLY!’. They usually go for the convenient, more useful gifts, which is good. They never do blind fires. This is why, when they are looking for a gift for you, they do research. As a result, the surprise element fades away. Some women do manage to surprise you, and of course they are on our list.

Bonus: Women who are not easily affected by compliments.

-  Babe you look beautiful today.

-  Yeah ok, now check this out…

-  I’ve never seen a smarter, more beautiful girl than you.

-  Seriously? Dude there are tons of other hotties out there.

-  I don’t think you need make up. Make up actually shadows your pure beauty.

-  What? Don’t you like my new eye liner at all then? It’s Chanel, bitch.

Pretty much sums them up really.

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