18 Very Weird Couples Photos That Will Make You Embrace Asexuality
You cannot just spot a mismatched couple in public. You need to see their engagement pictures or at least honeymoon photos. So here we are with the 18 weirdest couples with the weirdest photos ever. You’ll consider giving up on the dating game altogether, I guarantee you.
Elizabeth Klarer: The Woman Who Claims To Have Had Sex With An Alien
The near past is full of people who claim to have communicated with aliens. And some of them did not just communicate. We made a post before about 10 people who claimed to have sex with aliens and Elizabeth Klarer is one of the people who took it further than communicating with aliens. She even wrote two books about what had happened in detail. Let's check out her story.
15 Characteristics Of A Truly Good Person!
Yes, you know that kind and positive friend with a sensitive, gentle soul who can never be mad at anyone or hold grudges. Their face is the mirror of their beautiful heart and they seem like they are on some special mission to spread the goodness on earth... 😊
From The Dirty & Passionate To Pure & Innocent: 17 Different Ways Of Kissing!
Why do we kiss each other? According to Freud, the history of kissing dates as back as baby's sucking milk from their mother's breasts. This pure love becomes the seed of the tendency to kiss to show our love. Our methods in showing our love vary and every kiss ends up being assigned a different meaning. Here are 17 different examples of kissing, from the most innocent to the most passionate:
10 Rare, Very Rare Types of Women To Keep An Eye On!
There are tons of clichés around the world about women. You wait for them to get ready for hours, they spend at least 4 hours shopping, etc. Having said all these, we give you 10 rare women who do not fall into these categories.
13 Annoying Characteristics Of Capricious People!
There are some people who can't help but act like the whole world and all that comes with it were created for them. They don't care about the tomorrow. They are irresponsibly living only in the here and now. Surprisingly, they try to rationalize their meaningless behavior. Let's take a closer look:
You Can Detect The Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water!
Everybody believes in something even if that belief could be stated in a form negated sentence. We don't know if you are one of those who believes in the concept of 'negative energy,' but the number of people who do is pretty high. Assuming that there are indeed negative energies around us, different detection techniques have been offered. Today, we are going to talk about the easiest one: how to detect negative energies using only a glass of water.
15 Great Upsides Of Dating A Confident Man
It's been a centuries long, universal matter: what kind of a man we should date. Handsome, thoughtful, sexy, attractive, charismatic, romantic, etc. We have heard them all, but we are here to tell you the real deal. The man you should date is a man with confidence and self-esteem; and here is why:
13 Reasons You Feel “Defeated” When You Declare Your Love
This is not the age of innocence… And if there is one thing that is spoiled the most by the cruelty of our age, it’s probably love. Mind games, unfaithfulness, unwillingness to make an effort because you think it’s not worth it, or simply: fear… We think you should hold on to your truest feelings, though, once you understand why it’s so difficult to embrace them. We came up with 13 reasons we feel defeated when we declare our love before the other person so that it gets easier to figure out what is so damn hurtful about living our life after we declare our love.
15 Things You Go Through When You Bump Into Your Ex
You spent years together, gathered so many good memories, and even experienced new things together. You were deeply in love, you felt like you can never fall in love like this again; but some things went wrong and unfortunately, you broke up. You somehow pulled yourself together, found a new way in life or maybe even fell in love again; but one day, all of a sudden, you bump into him/her and feel numerous different emotions at the same time. Here are some of them;
15 Table Manners Tips You Have To Know And Implement
In some countries, table manners are taught to children at a very early age and are taken very seriously. Lots can go wrong while eating and these tips can help you not embarrass yourself, friends, or family.There are many fine details that we didn't know when it comes to table manners. So, we have compiled some easy rules to obey at the table for you!
10 Things To Compare The Youth Now With The Youth Then
People like to criticize people because of their age even if they're 5 years younger. As this gap increases, the level of criticizing also increases. Almost no grown up likes youngsters. We have to see this as self-criticism. Here are some of the things adults have to think before they start criticizing.
15 Things People Who Can't Stay Mad At Others Know Too Well
You definitely know such a person. If you don't, you might be the person that others know. They don't give you the cold treatment and can't get mad properly. They are the true examples of kindness. Their inner kindness shines outside and extends throughout the world. 😊
12 Reasons To Seriously Consider Nurses As Romantic Partners!
Nurses are known for their extensive medical knowledge, amazing ability to solve complex issues and their caring nature. In fact, a marriage with a nurse is like winning the jackpot at the lottery or bingo and you get a payout that will have more benefits than money could ever buy! Want to know why? Take a look at these reasons below.
20 Great Movies To Watch With Your Partner
Sure, none of us love chick flicks, but at times, they can be good. We all need some romantic time with our partners and what's a better way to do it than sit at home and watch romantic movies. We put together 20 of those movies that we're sure you'll also enjoy with your partner.The movies aren't listed in particular order, so you may choose any of them; they're all great. Enjoy the list.The storylines were taken from IMDb.
19 British Period Dramas That Prove Love Was Better Back Then
In this list, we put together British period movies that we believe are the most movie-lover like. These movies, which were adapted to screenplays from books, mostly criticize a period when the role of the woman was to be loyal. Here are some outstanding period movies that we hope you'll enjoy.The movies were listed according to their IMDb ratings. Enjoy the listThe storylines were taken from IMDb.
16 Soul Wrenching Quotes From Haruki Murakami The Literature Genius!
Haruki Murakami was born in 1949 in Japan. He started his writing career when he was 29 years old. Since then, Murakami continues to write and publish excellent contemporary novels. Murakami was considered to be a strong candidate for the Nobel Literature Prize in 2016. Though, he couldn't win the prize this year, he still continues to be a favorite author of many people. These quotes will introduce you to Murakami's sincere and colorful world if you haven't read his books yet. For those who already read Murakami, you can enjoy his magical words once more.