15 Things You Go Through When You Bump Into Your Ex

etiket 15 Things You Go Through When You Bump Into Your Ex

Chelsea Wrots
January 02 2017 - 04:41pm

You spent years together, gathered so many good memories, and even experienced new things together. You were deeply in love, you felt like you can never fall in love like this again; but some things went wrong and unfortunately, you broke up. You somehow pulled yourself together, found a new way in life or maybe even fell in love again; but one day, all of a sudden, you bump into him/her and feel numerous different emotions at the same time. Here are some of them;

1. You get like an electric shock feeling the first see him/her, and sadly, for a moment, you can’t recognize the person that you spent your years with. You’re strangers now, after all.

If you decide to go up to them, your brain creates so many scenarios that it gets tired before even you start talking. Everything you plan to say/do if you see them one day goes away.

2. The situation to be good or bad depends on two things; first, the ex is forgotten, or the second, you’re still thinking about him/her.

The first one wouldn’t hurt that much, it would feel like seeing an old friend. You can easily ask about how they have been, or maybe even sit down and talk.  

The second one is a disaster. So much that you have to try extremely hard to suppress the wave of emotions you feel at the moment.

3. There are two kinds of reactions to have depending on these factors and how hard the break up was.

You either turn your head and move on your way or say hello and talk for a bit.

4. The way you look at the moment and whether one of the parties has a new boyfriend/girlfriend are also huge factors.

If one of the parties is not alone, you might not even say hello. 

Or if you look like a mess that day, you run away as fast as you can wishing he/she didn’t see you.

5. Let’s assume you did say hello and chat for a bit. You would get puzzled but both of you will say some classic sentences.

-Hey, how have you been?  

-Pretty good, everything is going great.  

-Same here. 

6. You would feel broken deep inside if you still have feelings for him/her. Especially if you’re the reason why you’re ‘exes’ now.

7. A strange feeling invades you, even though you’re over him/her. You try to describe it, but it’s just not possible.

You try to act cool but he/she is right in front of you! It’s not because you’re still in love with them, maybe you’re totally over it. You even maybe built a brand new life but that weird feeling goes right into your heart. The reason is unknown.

8. And then you ask to yourself “What am I doing?” Especially if you are the one who suffered more.

- Am I talking with the person who f*cked up my life right now?

9. If it wasn’t a really bad breakup or you’re totally over it, the conversation may last a little longer.

The changes in both of your lives, what you’ve done all that time, or even maybe new relationships can be a topic of conversation. And one of you will definitely say this: “I’m glad you’re doing fine.”

10. You suddenly realize; nothing is the same anymore. You both have changed both mentally and physically.

Usually, this change is better for one of the parties; you’re lucky if you’re the one. Because you’ll probably win this run-in 1 to 0.

11. This bump-in can ruin your mood, no matter if you still have feelings or not.

12. Whatever you do after the run-in, a part of your mind starts thinking about the past. All of the memories arouse all of a sudden.

And its effect will probably last for a couple of days.

13. While thinking about all of these, you try to feel the same emotions again. But your feelings are not the same anymore.

You can’t feel the same warmth and excitement even though good memories will put a smile on your face. The things that ruined your life back then are now only memories.

14. How would everything be now, if we didn't breakup?

You will definitely think about the answer to this question and it has different answers depending on how much your ex has changed and the experiences you have gained since the breakup.

15. It'll be surprising to see how much you've changed once you think about your past. And you'll realize once again that there’s nothing time can't heal.

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