From The Dirty & Passionate To Pure & Innocent: 17 Different Ways Of Kissing!

From The Dirty & Passionate To Pure & Innocent: 17 Different Ways Of Kissing!

Yvette Darlene
February 18 2017 - 10:54am

Why do we kiss each other? According to Freud, the history of kissing dates as back as baby's sucking milk from their mother's breasts. This pure love becomes the seed of the tendency to kiss to show our love. Our methods in showing our love vary and every kiss ends up being assigned a different meaning. 

Here are 17 different examples of kissing, from the most innocent to the most passionate:

1. Eskimo Kiss

The cutest part about this one is touching noses. This way of kissing, which is popular in Eskimo culture, is one of the most beautiful ways of showing love! 😊

2. Kiss on the cheek

One of the most common ways of kissing... This one comes with sub-categories, depending on our level of intimacy with the person we kiss.

3. Forehead kiss

The romantic way of kissing that not everybody can have a chance to enjoy, that symbolizes love and loyalty. It has especially become the tradition in weddings, given right after the veil of the bride is lifted. 💑

4. Blow kissing

The 'I am far away but I am sending my love to all of you' themed kiss.

5. Kissing on the hand

One of the most important details showing the class of a gentleman that we hope will become a more common habit...

6. Pain relieving kiss :)

6. Pain relieving kiss :)

Even though it doesn't necessarily take away the pain, the happiness that follows this one makes you forget about the pain for a while.

7. Fake kiss

The insincere kiss, where cheeks don't even touch each other. The lips pucker and the sound of the kiss is faked by both of the parties using their mouths

8. Shoulder kiss

Gün içinde omuzların açık olduğu anlarda küçük bir dokunuşun yanaktan öpmekten daha büyük etkisi olduğu göz ardı edilemez, ince bir harekettir.

When the shoulders are exposed, this one has a better effect than a kiss on the cheek. Very kind and elegant...

9. Angel kiss

A kiss that is given on the eyelids to show the purity of love...

10. Classic lip kissing

It is the first step towards a potential make-out session and firsts are rarely forgotten.

11. Single lip kiss

This is where you suck one of the two lips of your partner. It reminds us the words of Edmond Rostand: 'A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear, a moment of infinity humming like a bee, a communion tasting of flowers, a way of breathing in a little of the heart and tasting a little of the soul with the edge of the lips!”

12. French kissing

Close your eyes, put your lips together, use your tongue meticulously and open the doors of lust. According to National Geographic, your pupils widen, you use 34 face muscles and you produce enough secretion to prevent tooth decays. Also, you burn around 6.4 calories, your heart beats faster, and your self-esteem increases.

13. Mistletoe kiss

It is a Christian tradition to kiss if you find yourself under mistletoe. Refusing to kiss is rude.

14. Neck kiss

The neck of your partner is your private and delicious heaven. Once you start with this kiss, it is highly likely that you will experience the next base.

15. Biting

The type of kissing those who want to go a little bit more wild try from time to time. It is key to not actually hurt your partner.

16. Lizard kiss

16. Lizard kiss

The kiss the couples who look for diversity and have already tried the other ways of kissing over and over again find fun; and use their tongues more than their lips.

17. "Good morning!" kiss

The aim of this kissing is waking up our partner. The exact body part to be kissed doesn't matter. If you wake up with this kiss, you are 100% guaranteed to feel awesome throughout your day. ❤️

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