12 Practical Ways To Rescue Your Things Before They Go To Waste!


Here we are with a list of things that would go very well for those who like to use practical solutions in all areas of their lives. These little tips are simple to solve time-consuming problems. Next time you're faced with one of these problems, you don't have to think what to do for hours, you can just follow these easy steps to solve your problem.

1. Chewing gum and ice


Chewing gum stuck to your jeans is very easy to remove: take a cube of ice, and press it to the gum until it hardens. The gum will then easily come off.

2. Rust and Coke


Remove rust without breaking a sweat by putting the rusted tool into a glass filled with Coke for 24 hours. It’ll be as good as new.

3. Aerosol and labels


Admit it, sticky labels irritate everyone. However, they’re quite easy to remove: spray the stuck layer with WD-40, and rub it with a dish sponge. Just don’t forget to thoroughly wash the surface afterward.

4. Vinegar and showerhead


If water stops flowing from the showerhead, it’s usually because of limescale inside. To clean it off, put the showerhead into a container filled with 9% vinegar for 2 hours.

5. Bobby pin and sweatshirt


A simple bobby pin can help to fix a loose thread in a sweatshirt. Push the thread through the bobby pin, and pull it to the wrong side.

6. Aerosol and marker stains


The previously mentioned WD-40 will help remove marker and pencil stains from leather furniture: spray it on the stain, and rub with a cloth. Then all you’ll have to do is wash the area with water.

7. Rubber band and stripped screw head


A self-driving screw with a stripped head can be removed with the help of a rubber band. Place it over the screw’s head, and slowly turn the screwdriver.

8. Keyring and loose zipper


As jeans will seemingly always keep unzipping, attach a keyring to the zipper and put it on the button. After you zip your jeans, the ring won’t be visible.

9. Shrink tube and tattered cable


Thin charger cables tend to wear out quite often. To isolate the bending area, take a shrink tubing, cut it, and put it on the wire. Then heat the tube with a hairdryer until it clings firmly to the cable.

10. Salt, vinegar, and stains on stainless steel


Stainless steel is, unfortunately, not 100% stainless. However, getting rid of dark stains on it is pretty easy: first pour some rough salt on the surface, and then add 9% vinegar. Rub energetically with a dish sponge, and your pans will shine once more.

11. Plastic bottle and stuck adapter plug


You can free an adapter plug stuck in the socket with the help of an ordinary plastic bottle. Singe the neck of the bottle a bit, and screw it into the plug. When the plastic hardens again, you’ll be able to unscrew the plug easily.

12. Pencil sharpener and damaged cable


To repair a cable (e.g., a headphone cable), you need to strip the damaged part of it. If you don’t have the required tool, you can make it out of an ordinary pencil sharpener and a wooden clothespin.

Aritcle source: https://brightside.me/inspiration-tips-and-tricks/12-simple-yet-unexpected-ways-to-rescue-spoiled-things-325160/

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