4 Best AI Pokemon Generators You Have to Try

4 Best AI Pokemon Generators You Have to Try

Joshua Solomon
December 27 2022 - 03:50pm

Over time, many people have come to enjoy the fun and goofiness of generating AI Pokemon characters. Of course, being a pokemon fan makes these AI generators extremely fun, but the trend has spread across fans and non-fans. Virtually everyone is creating Pokemon characters of themselves and celebrities out of curiosity because, honestly, why wouldn’t you want to see what a pokemon you will look like?

If you have seen the trend and wonder what the best software to use is, this article will inform you.

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Create Your Pokemon Characters with Top AI Generators

While only a few AI generators offer the Pokemon feature as of the time of writing, there is still a sizable number of Pokemon AI generators on the market. We tried some of them, and here are the best we identified:

1. Text-to-Pokemon

Text-to-Pokemon is a web app that lets you enter a name or description and generate a Pokemon version.  The app has some benchmarks it uses to produce the Pokemon results. You get to select features like the number of output images, the description of the input prompt, and the number of denoising steps in the picture. What's fun about the app is that you can generate a Pokemon version of virtually every celebrity you can think of. All you need to do is type in the description and play around with the results. Text-to-Pokemon is based on the AI generator, Stable Diffusion.

2. Nokemon

Nokemon is another AI pokemon generator website with basic and advanced generation versions. The basic version allows you to generate a Pokemon based on benchmarks like 'Type' and 'Colour.' You can also select randomized Pokemon characters. On the flip side, the advanced feature allows you to choose an image style (3D Model or Sugimori) and type of Pokemon character. It also provides randomized characters. However, you must log into the Nokemon website to use the advanced version.

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3. Fakemon Maker

Fakemon Maker is a fan-based parody of Pokemon. It allows users to create pokemon characters that are not affiliated with the Pokemon company. Like Nokemon, the Fakemon Maker is website-based. Thus, you only have to visit the website, log in, select parts of your preferred Pokemon, and randomize the results. What makes the website fun is that you can’t predict the result until you eventually get it.

4. Dall.E Mini

Dall.E (pronounced as “Dali”) is an AI generator that can create images and Pokemon characters based on the text or description you provide. The website is now known as Craiyon and offers free Pokemon-generating features. To start, visit the website and input the description you desire. Afterward, tap 'Draw.' You should have your image results within seconds or, at most, two minutes. The website allows you to take a screenshot of the generated image or print it on a t-shirt. If you regularly play Pokemon, you are likely to have numerous ideas for new pokemon that can be created. Dall.E Mini allows you to put your creative juices to work. The website is becoming more popular among Pokemon players and Gen Zers. With Dall.E, you can also input the names of celebrities or random characters to see how they will look as Pokemons.

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