Eddie Murphy’s Kids: Everything We Know About His 10 Kids

> Eddie Murphy’s Kids: Everything We Know About His 10 Kids

Hollywood comedian and producer Eddie Murphy has had five relationships over the course of 30 years. The beloved actor has been busy with his family life as much as with his career, having fathered 10 children- some of whom have caught the acting bug.

Despite Murphy’s insistence that none of his children work in Hollywood until they turn 18, it didn’t stop some of them from stepping into the limelight.

Let's find out more about Murphy’s kids and what they are up to.

Eric Murphy (born 1989)

Eric Murphy was born in 1989. Little is known about his mother Paulette McNeeley, who was Murphy’s girlfriend at the time. Like his mother, Eric has led a low-key life- until he started dating Jasmine Lawrence, daughter of actor Martin Lawrence. Eric and Jasmine recently appeared on the latter’s Instagram account. The post received 37k likes and is one of the few pictures available of the legendary comedian’s son.

Bria Murphy (born 1989)

Soon after the birth of Eric, Eddie’s first daughter was born. The comedian was then dating model Nicole Mitchell- soon to be his first wife. Bria has appeared in several films, the most recent of which is the 2017 drama ‘Conflict of Interest.’ She also starred in the reality TV series ‘Hollywood Exes.’ Aside from her Hollywood career, Bria also co-founded the art gallery ArtUs.

Christian Murphy (born 1990)

Christian was born a year after Eric and Bria in 1990. Like his half-brother Eric, he has chosen to remain outside the limelight. Not much is known about him and he has maintained a minimal presence on social media. His mother, Tamara Wood was dating Eddie Murphy when he was born.

Miles Mitchell Murphy (born 1990)

The second child of Eddie and Nicole Mitchell, Miles was also born in 1990. Miles has led a normal life and has not been bitten by the acting bug. He gave Eddie his first granddaughter, Evie, in 2019.

Shayne Audra Murphy (born 1994)

Born in 1994, Shayne is the third child of Eddie with Nicole Mitchell. She is currently pursuing a modeling career and appeared with her mother and sister Bria on ‘Hollywood Exes’ in 2014. She has an active Instagram account where she shares her captivating pictures with her followers.

Zola Ivy Murphy (born 1999)

Nicola and Eddie’s fourth child is Zola Ivy. Zola has pursued a career in modeling like her older sister, Shayne. Despite her young age, she has found success in the field for her unique looks. Aside from modeling and ‘Hollywood Exes’ TV appearance, Zola also happens to be a social media influencer and entrepreneur.

Bella Zahra Murphy (born 2002)

The last child of Eddie with Nicole, Bella was born in 2002. She has taken up after her famous parents and appeared in ‘Dollface’, ‘Fairyland’ (both 2019), and ‘Coming 2 America’ (2021).

Angel Iris Murphy Brown (born 2007)

Following Eddie’s divorce from Nicole, the comedian started dating ex-Spice Girls Mel B. The two met in 2006 at a Hollywood party and had Angel shortly after. Eddie initially questioned having fathered Angel until a DNA test two months after Angel’s birth confirmed that he is indeed the father. The comedian would eventually warm up to his daughter and has maintained a ‘good relationship’ ever since.

Izzy Oona Murphy (born 2016)

After the end of the relationship with Mel B, Eddie began dating model Paige Butcher in 2012. Izzy would be born four years later in 2016. Butcher and Eddie got engaged in 2018 but have yet to officially tie the knot.

Max Charles Murphy (born 2018)

Born on November 30, 2018, Max is the latest addition to the Murphy family. Eddie named his son after his older brother Charlie Murphy, who died of leukemia in 2017.

All things considered, Eddie Murphy has lived a very colorful and 'passionate'  life. Still, he deserves props for being a present father to all his children.