Do You Choose Your Partner Based On Looks? Then Lend Your Ears To Science

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It's no secret that we're all attracted to beauty. When we see someone who we consider as ''hot',' our jaws drop and we start drooling. But just because that person is attractive does that mean I could be happy with that person and have a long term relationship? Science doesn't think so, according to a research, attractive people are more likely to have short-term relationships. Let's see what the reason behind this is.

It is a fact that we as humans can't stop ourselves from in falling in love with more attractive individuals.

Some of us, however, can't come to see the inner beauty of the other person and can't see the bad features because she/he is very attractive. Of course, this is everyone's own preference.

The world of science has reached an interesting conclusion in research about relationships with attractive people.

According to the survey, attractive people's relationships are much shorter, and the likelihood of seeking a new person is higher.

Because attractive people don't have much trouble finding a new partner, they are less determined to keep their relationship if they are having problems.

Let me get to the details of this work. The research was conducted by Harvard University researchers.

The researchers showed 238 men's high-school yearbooks to women. In the photographs, the details of marriage and divorce of these boys who were between 17-18 years old were collected until the age of 50.

Then all the collected data was examined, and the results that are the subject of my post were reached.

Men who are seen as more attractive by women had shorter marriages and were more likely to divorce.

The researchers then examined the marital lives of celebrities on the "Top 20 Actors and Actresses" lists, which were created according to the IMDB users' data.

In addition to this, they have also prepared a list of celebrities on the list of "100 most effective celebrities," by Forbes. Later, the women, who at first, were asked to rate the men in the yearbooks, were then asked to rate how attractive these famous men were.

Again and again, it was seen that the more attractive celebrities were the more likely they were to divorce and to engage in shorter-term relationships.

But why? What lies behind this situation?

As I mentioned very briefly at the beginning, there are a lot of alternatives in the hands of attractive people according to the researchers.

In fact, this situation contradicts a few previous studies. Because earlier studies have revealed that when we start a relationship we begin to see other people as less attractive than normal. This situation is also thought to have emerged as an internal instinct to maintain a relationship. Researchers have wondered whether this is particularly the case for attractive people.

An experiment was also designed to observe this effect.

In the experiment, about 130 participants were shown a picture of the opposite sex and asked how attractive they were. We should say that half of the participants were in a relationship. The researchers also carefully created the participants' own attractiveness levels.

The results showed that there is a link between one's own level of attractiveness, the relationship status, and the rating scores given by the opponents.

Accordingly, people who are more attractive have rated the people in the photographs with a higher value than those who are less attractive. What is even more interesting is that this only happened if they were already in a relationship. In other words, while people who have relationships see the opposite sex as less attractive, attractive people behave in exactly the same way and see the opposite sex as more attractive when they are in relationships.

In a nutshell, if you're going to have a relationship with people just because they're attractive and not care about the inner beauty, I suggest you give it more careful consideration.

And it's not just me, it's what science says. The rest is up to you.

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